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Professor’s Corner – Modified-Constructed Set Rotation Announced for 2013-2014 Play! Season Analysis and FAQ 07/17/2013

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Effective August 28, 2013, the Modified-Constructed set rotation for the next Play! season is as follows:

-Black and White: Next Destinies (NXD)
-Black and White: Dark Explorers (DEX)
-Black and White: Dragons Exalted (DRX)
-Black and White: Boundaries Crossed (BCR)
-Black and White: Plasma Storm (PLS)
-Black and White: Plasma Freeze (PLF)
-Black and White: Plasma Blast (PLB)
-Black and White: Dragon Vault (DRV)
-Black Star Promos (PR): BW33 and higher
-Black and White McDonald’s promos (MCD) (2012 versions only)

What does this mean?
-Black and White (BLW), Black and White: Emerging Powers (EPO), and Black and White: Noble Victories (NVI) will no longer be tournament-legal.
-Rotations occur in order for players to try different strategies in order to maintain a healthy competitive format. This prevents overuse of specific cards that will cause certain decks and strategies from becoming too powerful.

What specific (examples of) cards are rotated/banned as a result of this new format?
-Pokémon Communication (BLW)
-Pokédex (BLW)
-Secret Pikachu (BLW)
-Revive (BLW)
-Energy Retrieval (BLW)
-Klinklang (Shift Gear ability – BLW)
-Recycle (EPO)
-Secret Meowth (NVI)
-Vicitini (Victory Star ability and V-create – NVI)
-Cobalion (NVI)
-Eelektrik (Dynamotor ability – NVI)
-Gothitelle (Magic Room ability – EPO)

What specific (examples of) cards that would normally be rotated/banned will still be tournament-legal due to them being reprinted in this new format?
-Poké Ball (BLW via BCR)
-Potion (BLW via BCR)
-Switch (BLW via BCR)
-Max Potion (EPO via PLF)
-Pokémon Catcher (EPO via DEX)
-Great Ball (EPO via BCR)
-Super Rod (NVI via DRV)
-Professor Juniper (BLW via DEX and PLF)
-Reshiram and Zekrom (BLW via NXD)
-Tornadus and Thundurus (EPO via PR BW41 and PR BW42)
-Kyurem (NVI via PR BW44)
-Rocky Helmet (NVI via BCR)
-N (NVI via DEX)
-Evioite (NVI via PLS)
-Energy Search (BLW via BCR)
-Virizion (NVI via PLB)
-Bianca (EPO via BCR)
-Cheren (EPO via BCR)
-Terrakion (NVI via BCR)

Are Basic Energy cards being rotated?
NO! Per the Modified-Tournament Legal Reprints document, Basic Energy cards are ALWAYS tournament-legal.

Are Special Energy cards being rotated?
No. All Special Energy currently printed in the current format were printed from NXD (Double Colorless Energy) at the earliest, which is part of this new format. Therefore, all Special Energy will still be tournament-legal.

The 2013-2014 Play! season started on July 9, 2013. Does this have anything to do with the rotation?
Although the rotation occurs on August 28th, the July 9 start gives an opportunity for players to participate in local tournaments and the Plasma Blast (PLB) Pre-Releases, and a head-start on earning Play! Points for eligibility towards the 2014 U.S. National Championships. Players participating in the 2013 World Championships will earn Play! Points to count towards the 2013-2014 Play! season.

Can I still play with the BLW-on format at this time?
You may continue to play with this format whenever and however you wish (League play, play with friends, etc.), but be advised that whenever you participate in all sanctioned Modified-Constructed tournaments and Premier Events, your decks must follow the NXD-on format.

Anything else I should know?
TPCi has briefly revealed that the format may return to BLW-on for the 2014-2015 Play! season. More information will be revealed come closer to time. It is recommended that you archive some of your BLW thru NVI cards in anticipation of this format if you wish to implement these cards in the future format.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Professor Raz

Professor Knowledge Difficulty: Intermediate