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Pre-Registration for U.S. National Championships is Live thru June 25! 05/26/2013

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Hey, Trainers!

Big news! Pre-registration is now available and live thru June 25 for U.S. Nationals! If you meet the minimum Play! Points requirements (5 for JR/SR and 15 for MA) and plan to attend, see announcement and instructions provided by TPCi official Dave Schwimmer below. Let me know if you have any questions!

Professor Raz

Dave writes:
We’re offering the opportunity for players to preregister for U.S. Nationals via our support portal, located at www.pokemon.com/support. Preregistration is open now, through Monday, June 24th.

Players using the preregistration option will still be required to check in at the event during the on-site preregistration hours. Video Game players will be expected to pass ROM check and lock their Battle Box at check-in.

All players who use this preregistration tool and participate in U.S. Nationals will be automatically entered into a drawing for Pokémon TCG booster packs!

How to Preregister:
1. Log into your Pokémon Trainer Club account
2. Navigate to www.pokemon.com/support, or follow the Customer Service link at the bottom of any page at www.pokemon.com
3. Click “Ask a Question”
4. Select “U.S. Nationals Preregistration” from the drop-down menu
5. Select your competition (Video Game Nationals or TCG Nationals) from the Competition Selection drop-down menu
6. Provide all of the required data: First name, Last name, Player ID, and Date of birth
7. If you are a parent, you can preregister up to 3 of your children by using the “Add a Child” drop-down menu8. Please include “U.S. Nationals Preregistration” in the Summary field
9. If you are a parent who’s not playing in the event, you can use the non-child fields to preregister one child, and use the “Add a Child” drop-down menu if you need to preregister additional children. Please just indicate in the Details field that you are not preregistering yourself.
10. If you have earned a bye via an approved qualifying event, please indicate the number of rounds and where the bye was earned in the Details field. (Example: I have a two-round bye from Spring Regionals: Salt Lake City.)

Players must meet the Play! Point requirements of the event in order to be registered. Players using the preregistration tool who do not meet the prerequisites will not be registered for the event.

Players will receive a confirmation of their preregistration via a reply in the support portal on or about June 25th. We recommend bringing a copy of the message to the event, in case any issues arise with your preregistration.