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All Unova starter final evolutions with Hidden Abilities now available via Mystery Gift for ORAS 02/06/2015

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For players with Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire versions, the download codes for all three Unova starter final evolutions have been made public. You can claim your pokemon by accessing Mystery Gift through the game’s start menu and choosing Get With Code. Each code can only be used once per game, and will be active until November 30th, 2015.

Get a Serperior with Contrary by using the code POKEMON497. Contrary causes moves and abilities that alter Serperior’s stats to have the opposite effect; Leaf Storm will raise its Special Attack instead of lowering it, and being subjected to an opposing pokemon’s Screech will raise its Defense. Also, an opposing pokemon’s Intimidate ability will raise its Attack. When planning a moveset for Contrary Serperior, make sure that you don’t give it any moves that are meant to raise stats (such as Calm Mind) because these moves will lower them instead!

Get an Emboar with Reckless by using the code POKEMON500. Reckless raises the base power of moves with recoil damage (excluding Struggle) by 20%. For Emboar, this means that its Flare Blitz, Head Smash, Take Down, and Wild Charge attacks will hit harder. If you want to run a strategy using recoil moves, however, you may need to think about how Emboar can restore its HP in battle, such as by holding a Sitrus Berry or Leftovers, or by using Rest, and holding a Chesto Berry to wake itself up.

Get a Samurott with Shell Armor by using the code POKEMON503. Shell Armor simply blocks critical hits on the pokemon with the ability. Though it doesn’t seem like much, it is extremely handy on pokemon that are defensive walls. Pokemon with Shell Armor can use moves to raise their Defense or Special Defense, and never have to worry about other pokemon bypassing their boosted defenses by landing a critical hit. Samurott has no such moves, but you could max out its defensive or HP stats with EV training to give it a bit of staying power, and give it Swords Dance to boost its Attack in battle. Alternatively, there are a number of pokemon (mainly Psychic types, including Defense Forme Deoxys) that can learn both Cosmic Power and Skill Swap, and can gain an advantage by swapping abilities with a Shell Armor Samurott in a double battle. Just be careful that your opponent doesn’t use their own pokemon’s Skill Swap to grab this ability from you!