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League Rules

Welcome to the WRAPL at Heroes and Villains! We are excited to have you come out and play Pokémon with us and hope that you enjoy coming out to play the TCG or video games with your friends and family! By attending our league sessions you and/or your child(ren) agree(s) to follow the rules listed below:

  1. Food and drinks are allowed in the venue but are not to be on the table or consumed during a game as to not ruin valuable playing cards that are in play.
  2. You will put your name and your Player ID number on all your League tracking cards.
  3. You will obey the rules outlined in Tymon Martindale’s Famous “Stuff” Speech.
  4. You will play fair at all times as cheating and other forms of unsporting behavior will not be tolerated.
  5. You will ask questions to a League Leader or a Pokémon Professor about a card or a game rule that you don’t understand with the TCG. League sessions are a great time and place to learn how to play the game better.
  6. Trading of cards are allowed, but must be supervised by either an adult or a League Leader.
  7. You can only work on one (1) tracking card at a time. League Leaders will occasionally designate a “double points” weekend to allow you to get caught up on missing league season prizes.
  8. You cannot TCG battle the same player twice in a row unless either you or your opponent agrees to play with a different deck.
  9. You can also challenge a League Leader to a game. They are also players too!
  10. You will not improvise stamps on your tracking card. If you have completed a game or an activity, please report the results to a League Leader and they will mark your tracking card for you.
  11. Cards from all sets are allowed to be played at our League, but you are highly encouraged to play with cards from Black and White: Next Destinies and all sets released after that. Please consult the Modified-Constructed Tournament-Legal Set List for the list of sets in the current tournament format.
  12. All Pokémon video games are allowed at this league, but stamps will only be earned if battling or playing in-game mini-games or other collaboration activity with another player is involved.
  13. Trading of video game Pokémon is allowed and encouraged, and does not require adult or Leader monitoring for approval.
  14. You will not sell cards to other players while inside the store.
  15. You will treat all other players, WRAPL staff, non-Pokémon players in the store, and the Heroes and Villains store staff with respect. They are nice enough to let you play in this venue, so they kindly ask you to do the same.
  16. You are always welcome to buy cards, supplies, and food from the store.


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