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Welcome to the WRAPL information and reference library! This section contains links to articles and other resources for Pokémon info, from video game battle strategies to effective TCG deckbuilding. Documents detailing the various rules and procedures for sanctioned tournaments are provided as well.

League/Tournament Rules and Info

TCG Rulebook (KSS) (PDF)
2014 Play! Pokémon General Event Rules (PDF)
2014 Play! Pokémon VG Rules and Formats (PDF)
2014 Play! Pokémon TCG Rules and Formats (PDF)
Tournament Operation Procedures (PDF)
Sanctioning Regulations (PDF)
Ratings & Rankings FAQ (PDF)
NXD-XY Decklist (PDF)
SteveP’s Decklist Program
Pokégym: Pokemon.com Registration
Modified-Constructed Rotation (13-14)

Trading Card Game Resources

Official TCG Card-Dex
Pokégym Researching Tower
Bebe’s Search (card search and deckbuilding resource)
Pokégym: New Player’s Guide to Getting Started
Pokégym: The Nature of DeckbuildingPart I | Part II | Part III | Part IV
Pokégym: Spirit of the Game and Professor Core Values

Video Game Resources

Bulbapedia: List of Pokémon by National Pokédex Number
Bulbapedia: Black/White Walkthrough

Bulbapedia: HeartGold/SoulSilver Walkthrough
Bulbapedia: Breeding
Pokegym: Pokémon Black/White EV guide
Pokegym: A Guide to Teambuilding for VGCs

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