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League Policy and Player Responsibilities

Welcome to the WRAPL at Heroes and Villains! We are excited to have you come out and play Pokémon with us and hope that you enjoy coming out to play the TCG or video games with your friends and family! By attending our league sessions you and/or your child(ren) agree(s) to follow the policies outlined below:

  1. You will present (or at least memorize) your valid Play! Pokémon Player ID so that our League Leaders can input you into our season-ending attendance reports. By doing so, you can receive credit for attending our League, and possibly earn rewards directly from the Pokémon Company from time to time. If you do not have a Player ID, our League Leaders will be more than happy to issue you one.
  2. You will activate your Player ID to your Trainer Club account on pokemon.com if you haven’t already or if you are a new player requesting a Player ID for the first time. Also, you will opt into Player Prizes and agree to the terms and conditions outlined by Play! Pokémon. If you were recently issued a Player ID, it came with an activation PIN code that is needed to assist in the activation process. If you are younger than 13 years old, you will need a parent or legal guardian to set up your Trainer Club account and activate your Player ID. Activating your Player ID is very critical to our League as the amount of prize support for our future season league prize kits ultimately depends on the number of our attendees who have active Player ID accounts. For the reason stated above, we reserve the right to refuse prize support to players whose Player IDs are not active, although we will continue to grant game stamps on their tracking cards until this requirement is met and the League Leaders will award prizes retroactively. If you possess a Player ID that is old and/or has never been activated in the past or have misplaced your previous activation PIN code, our League Leaders will be more than happy to issue you a new Player ID only one time. Please let a League Leader know if you, or for your child, specifically do not wish to link your Player IDs to your Trainer Club accounts. We will happily respect your decision and accommodate our prize support accordingly.
  3. Our League Leaders will agree to allow time and remind all new players to link their Player IDs before a League Season ends so that they will earn credit for the season. However, if you are a new player, it is your responsibility to ensure that this happens before the League Leaders submit the attendance reports and orders the next season’s league prize kits or else you will not receive credit for attending the season.
  4. You will make every effort to safeguard your Player ID (and its associated activation PIN code if not yet activated) at all times. Our League Leaders are not obligated to issue new Player IDs as a result of abuse, neglect, theft, or otherwise unsubstantiated loss of a player’s current Player ID and/or activation PIN code. Having multiple Player IDs is highly discouraged by the Pokémon Company and can result in suspension or removal from Play! Pokémon participation opportunities.
  5. Player ID numbers are confidential information, and our League Leaders will not under any circumstances divulge that information to any player or individual not an official from Play! Pokémon or the Pokémon Company. If you have an activated Player ID but do not know what your Player ID number is, and you don’t have the physical ID card available, you can find it by logging into your Trainer Club account and clicking on the “My Play! Pokémon” tab.
  6. In addition to having an activated Player ID, you must have attended at least one League Session during a League Season in order to earn credit for that season.
  7. As defined in the League Rules, you are expected to obey Tymon Martindale’s Famous “Stuff” Speech. While every effort will be made to recover any missing valuable playing material or personal property during League Sessions, WRAPL and Heroes and Villains store staff are not responsible for such lost or stolen property, so please play at your own risk.
  8. Heroes and Villains store staff reserve the right to cancel our League Sessions due to superseding scheduled events. You are welcome to consult their calendar of events either in-store (see contact information to your right) or online at www.heroesandvillainscomics.net. You can also check our League blog webpage here for announcements. Double Points weekends may be designated per session missed as a result of this at the discretion of the League Leaders.
  9. Occasionally, we may schedule sanctioned, non-Premier Pokémon tournaments at HV, and they will always be announced on our blog webpage. League sessions will be cancelled for that weekend, meaning that you will not earn stamps on your tracking cards for games played in the tournament. Also, you will not be added to the League Roster for attending the tournaments in order to receive credit for the League Season. However, you are highly encouraged to participate in these tournaments so you can gain valuable tournament experience going into Premier Events. Please understand that player penalties can be issued at sanctioned tournaments, so you will be expected to demonstrate proper sportsmanship and gamesmanship at all times. You may be given participation prizes for playing in these tournaments and performing well in the standings.

League Rules and Policies are subject to change with little or no notice. Please understand that ignorance to the League Rules and Policies, whether intentional or unintentional, will not absolve any player from the responsibilities outlined in those documents. As a reminder, you consent to obey in the rules and policies stated in those documents if you attend our League Sessions. Please see a League Leader if you wish to sign a written agreement instead.



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