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Please read up on the new rules and policies for this year’s League cycle!

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League Rules
League Policy and Player Responsibilities
League Scoring Policy
Professor/League Leader Challenge Rules (TCG)
Professor/League Leader Challenge Rules (VG)
League Proxy Policy


What is a Pokémon League?

A Pokémon League provides a nearby place for you to get together with other fans of both the Pokémon Trading Card Game and the Pokémon video games, and have some fun. Using your own cards and Pokémon DS games, you can play, trade, and even earn cool prizes! The best part is that you can do all this with other Pokémon players who love collecting and playing just as much as you do.

Even if you don’t know all the rules of the game, at a league you can learn game basics and, in no time, perfect your strategy! Joining a league is the best way to hone your skills to compete in Pokémon tournaments from Battle Roads all the way up to the World Championships. Leagues are held in safe public locations, such as game stores, community centers, or libraries, and are run by official League Leaders.

The Warner Robins area Pokemon League is held every Saturday from 11:30AM-1:30 PM at Heroes & Villains, a cards and comics shop in the Kroger shopping center near the Russell Parkway/Moody Road intersection in Warner Robins, GA. For a map and directions, click here.

How Do I Sign Up?

Registration is free. Simply attend any of our scheduled sessions, and a League Leader will walk you through the registration process. You will be given a short form to fill out, with a Player ID card to take home, plus an activation PIN code with a list of instructions on how to activate your membership online at the official Pokemon website. It is very important that you activate your membership as soon as possible as the quantity of league prizes delivered for our future league seasons depend on the number of players who attend our league have their Player ID’s activated. You will also get your first tracking card, so that you can start earning points towards special League-exclusive prizes.

What Do I Need to Bring?

WRAPL includes Video Game players as well as Trading Card Game players. You may bring your Pokemon TCG cards, your hanheld console(s) (make sure it’s (they’re) charged before you leave home or bring your charger to League) and Pokemon video games, or both! If you are bringing cards, you will need at least one 60-card deck, one coin, poison and burn markers, and some damage counters to play with. If you need help putting together a deck, expert deckbuilders are on site to offer tips and advice. You may also want to bring money for purchasing TCG booster packs, TCG play and storage supplies (nifty card sleeves, dice and counters, deck boxes, display albums, playing mats, etc.), or to buy food and beverages which are also offered in the store.

You mentioned League-exclusive Prizes, What Are Those?

For the 2012-2013 League Cycle, each player gets a tracking card, which records the points he or she earns in the form of stamps from playing games, win or lose. Please click on the Scoring Policy link above to learn how players will earn stamps. When a player completes a row of stamps, they will receive a season-specific promotional card from what is dubbed the “Book of Happiness.” When a player completes all the rows on their card, they earn an official Gym Badge token, which they can place into his or her badge case. When a player has attended at least one League Session during a League Season, he or she can order a badge case to be delivered to our League via your Trainer Club account on Pokemon.com so that player can start collecting and storing the badge tokens. When each new League Season rolls around every few weeks (check the top of this page to find out about the current Season), the League gets new special promo cards and a new Gym Badge token for players to earn.

How Else Can I Benefit From Being a League Member?

Having a casual environment to play the Pokémon TCG and video games will allow you to practice and hone your playing skills. Also, the Player ID you get from signing up allows you to participate in sanctioned tournaments! If you’re a card collector, or if you’re looking to complete your video game’s National Pokédex, it’s a prime opportunity to negotiate trades with other players for cards or Pokémon you want or need. Not only that, but you’ll have the chance to meet and talk to other Pokémon fans, and make new friends. Finally, it’s just plain fun! Playing games with friends in a safe and friendly environment is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

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