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League News and Reminders (12/22/13) 12/22/2013

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Hey, Trainers! Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!

Congratulations to our League Challenge Winners!
Chespin Season:
Juniors-Calvin V. (1st)
Seniors-Seth E. (1st)
Masters-Gryphon (2nd)

Fennekin Season:
Seniors-Seth E. (1st)
Masters-Gryphon (1st)

New League Prizes for the Kalos Pokémon Cycle!
With each line you complete on your tracking card, you earn a promo card plus a PTCO league code card. When you complete your tracking card, you also earn a charm respective to the card you completed!

XY VG Pokémon Distributions:
-Torchic w/Blazikenite – Now thru January 15, 2014 via Nintendo Wi-Fi

Pokémon Bank releases on December 27, 2013!
Transfer all your Pokémon from B2W2 to the Bank and to your X/Y versions. Also, get a Celebi just for trying out the Bank!

Consider Playing in the GA Cities Marathon this Winter!
The event kicks off on December 26th in Statesboro thru January 4th here in WR! Details can be found under the Tournaments Tab. I hope to see you guys come out to these events while I judge a few of them…there are PLENTY of opportunities to load up on Championship Points if you do well, and even win!

Winter Regionals are coming up!
Put your best TCG deck and/or VGC team to the ultimate test! For the first time, this season’s VGC Regionals will feature play using the X/Y versions. Please read up on the current VGC format to help you prepare your team. Information can be found under the Tournaments Tab.

Worlds 2014 will be held in Washington D.C.!
This is a great opportunity for you to experience the World Championships on the East Coast next year. If you want to play for an invite or see what it’s like or take in the sights and sounds of the area, start planning!

WRAPL is on Facebook!
If you have a Facebook account, and would like to join the group and get League news and updates that way, click here. We’ll gladly accept new members to this group, even if you’re not or no longer from the area! We kindly ask that you please not post spam or any unconfirmed Pokémon rumors/spoilers once accepted.

Let me know if you have any questions, and have a Happy Holidays from myself and the WRAPL staff!

Professor Raz



1. Bonnie Varcoe - 01/09/2014

Awesome! Calvin was surprised to see his name on the list.

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