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League News and Reminders (10/30/13) 10/30/2013

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Hey, Trainers and Happy Halloween!!!

Chespin Season is in progress!
Supposedly we will get our League Kit for the Chespin Season pretty soon if not already!

Order your new badge cases NOW!!!
Once you have been added to the roster for attending the Chespin Season, you have the opportunity to order a badge case to be delivered to you as early as the Fennekin Season! Just bear in mind that the badge case is from the previous cycle (B2/W2 Gym) for those of you who somehow didn’t get one in the past.

XY VG Pokémon Distributions:
-Torchic w/Blazikenite – Now thru January 15, 2014 via Nintendo Wi-Fi

Pokémon X & Y Version Patches are now available!
If your game currently suffers from the potentially game-breaking glitch in Lumiose City, please use the camera function on the main menu of your Nintendo 3DS console to download these patches to your respective version game. (Internet connection is required.) Don’t worry…the patches apply to all XY version games, regardless of language or region the game was purchased!
Pokemon XY Patches

New tournament cycle rules updated!
Check the Library tab to view official rules changes (General Event, TCG, VG Rules and Formats). You will be responsible for following these rules when participating at Sanctioned and Premier Events.

Consider playing in a Legendary Treasures Pre-Release!
It’s not too late to get your hands on the cards early for the upcoming set this weekend in Canton! The set releases on Wednesday, November 6.

New TCG Rules updates go into effect on November 8, 2014.
-Pokémon Catcher has received an errata that now requires you flip a coin. If heads, switch the Defending Pokémon with one of your opponent’s Benched Pokémon.
-Before setup (drawing your 7 cards), players now flip a coin. The winner of the coin flip decides who starts the game first, then both players proceed to set up as normal. The player with the overall first turn of the game cannot attack.
With the release of the Pokémon XY starter decks the same day, the Professor Sycamore supporter card’s effect is identical to that of Professor Juniper. There are no other functional differences; however, both cards cannot be played in the same deck. Your deck must contain either/or should you choose to run any of them.

WRAPL is hosting a League Challenge at HV!
League Challenges are Premier Events, which give chances to earn Championship Points towards a 2014 World Championships invitation! If this would be your first-ever experience playing in a competitive tourney, a League setting is the perfect place! Please reference League Challenge dates in other locations in GA under the Tournaments tab. I will provide detailed locations of those events upon request.

-The event will be held on  Saturday, November 16.
-Registration starts at 11:00 A.M.
-Entry fee is $5 for all age divisions. All players will receive one (1) booster pack from the currently-released set for participating.
-Prizes and Championship Points will be awarded based on division attendance. Top 4 finishers in each age division will receive an exclusive LC Promo.
-Format is Modified-Constructed, Single-Game Swiss rounds, 30 minutes “Plus 3,” and ties will be implemented.
-A completed Decklist (click to download, then print, fill, and bring with you) will be required to participate.
-The new TCG rules updates will be in effect.
-Legendary Treasures (LTR) will be legal for play in the LC (not included on the current edition of the decklist I uploaded, but you can include LTR if you use any of those cards).

If you have a Facebook account and are logged in, and you are interested in or at least considering attending, please click on this link to the event and RSVP! Full details of the event are listed there as well.

Sanctioning permissions have been submitted to TPCi and are currently awaiting approval for the LC designation, so the official sanctioning information is not available at this time.

Worlds 2014 will be held in Washington D.C.!
This is a great opportunity for you to experience the World Championships on the East Coast next year. If you want to play for an invite or see what it’s like or take in the sights and sounds of the area, start making plans!

WRAPL is on Facebook!
If you have a Facebook account, and would like to join the group and get League news and updates that way, click here. We’ll gladly accept new members to this group, even if you’re not or no longer from the area! We kindly ask that you please not post spam or any unconfirmed Pokémon rumors/spoilers once accepted.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Professor Raz



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