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Another XY video and more English names 06/15/2013

Posted by Gryphon in Game News, Pokemon News, Pokemon Video Games.

E3’s over, and it appears that this is all the new Pokemon coverage we’re going to get, at least for now.

We now know these pokemon by their English names:

  • Kofukimushi is Scatterbug.
  • Kofuurai is Spewpa.
  • Shishiko is Litleo.
  • Furabebe is Flabébé.

The new human characters and locations have received localizations as well:

  • Your opposite-gendered neighbor will be Serena (if your character is male) or Calem (if it is female).
  • Shauna, Tierno, and Trevor are the three other new trainers your character will befriend. They will meet up with you and support you at various points in your journey.
  • All five of you will be starting out in Vaniville Town.
  • The first gym is in Santalune City, and you will be facing off against Viola, a pokemon photographer and Bug-type gym leader.
  • Viola’s older sister, Alexa, is a videographer who will help you out near the start of your journey. She gives you a pair of Roller Skates.

Read more about these updates on the Pokemon XY site!



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