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A ton of new Pokemon XY info! 06/13/2013

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There were a few more new pokemon revealed yesterday during the E3 presentation:

  • Clauncher, a Water-type pokemon based on a mantis shrimp
  • Skrelp, a Water/Poison-type pokemon that resembles a weedy sea dragon
  • Talonflame, a large hawk-like Fire/Flying-type which evolves from Fletchling

In turn, the recent CoroCoro magazine leak has revealed these new pokemon with their Japanese names:

  • Kofukimushi, the Bug-type starting form of Vivillion
  • Kofuurai (supposedly Spewpa in English), the Bug-type evo of Kofukimushi and pre-evo of Vivillion
  • Shishiko, a Fire/Normal type that resembles a lion cub (the name literally means “lion child”)
  • Furabebe, a Fairy type that is only 4 inches tall, based on a tiny flower sprite

The English names of these pokemon are expected to be revealed soon.

More game mechanics and battle scenarios were revealed during the E3 presentation as well:

  • The new means of connecting with other players is called the Player Search System, or PSS. It will appear on the bottom screen of the 3DS and will display avatars of players currently playing Pokemon X and Y; they could be next door, or on the other side of the planet, since it uses wifi to connect. The PSS will allow players to immediately connect with other available players for battling and trading. The “friend list” in your PSS can hold up to 100 players, and can sync with your 3DS’s friend list. Besides that, the avatars shown in the example PSS display show a wide range of customization features; various hairstyles and colors, hats, and other accessories are shown being worn by the player avatars. Also, the game menu icons (Pokemon, Pokedex, Bag, Save, etc.) are shown lined up along the bottom of the PSS display, so they will be available without having to open the menu or back out of the PSS screen. Finally, when battling with another player via PSS, you will be allowed to choose the background music.
  • There will be a special type of trainer battle known as a Sky Battle. Pokemon that are Flying type or have Levitate as an ability will be able to participate in these. As shown in screenshots, the battle will take place high above the ground, showing off the sky and landscape, as well as allowing for special open-air battle animations between the pokemon. They can be encountered in the field with certain NPCs, but they are purely optional, since the player might not have an eligible pokemon in their party when they approach the trainer.
  • When running into pokemon in the wild, there will be a chance that you will experience a Horde Encounter. Your single pokemon will be taking on 5 pokemon at once (often many of the same species), though in the examples they are all shown to be fairly low-leveled. While your pokemon will be receiving attacks from each opposing pokemon, it can also use moves which hit multiple pokemon (such as Rock Slide) if they know any, and potentially take out all of the opposing pokemon in one shot. These battles can earn your pokemon a whole lot of experience points!
  • Besides Gogoat, there are other pokemon which the player can ride on in order to get around in certain areas. Rhyhorn was given as an example of a pokemon that can help the player cross rocky terrain. When the player leaves their house in their hometown, a Rhyhorn can be seen sleeping in the front yard.
  • The default player character names are Xavier and Yvonne.
  • Using Pokemon Amie to build a strong bond with a pokemon will allow them to perform critical hits and dodge certain attacks more often. They may also look back at you during battle as they await your command.


Third Gameplay Video:

Roundtable Discussion Video:


A few more details about the game were given in CoroCoro, although all of the names are still given in Japanese:

  • The player starts out in Asame Town, having just moved there. Their opposite-gender friend will be Serena (if your character is male) or Callum (if your character is female). The character makes a few more friends in their new town; Sana, Tieruno, and Toroba all happen to be starting out on their pokemon journeys too. There will not be a “rival” character so much as a focus on connecting with these other characters.
  • There is a Bug-type gym in Hakudan City. The gym leader is Viola, who appears to be a photographer or videographer.
  • Another adult character named Pansy appears in the game, related to Viola in some manner and having a similar hobby. She will also appear in the Pokemon anime with a Gogoat and Helioptile, in an episode which will premiere July 18th in Japan.

You can find out more details about Pokemon X and Y through these links.

Pokemon XY official site
PokeBeach: Roundtable discussion, expanded roundtable notes, CoroCoro leaks
Serebii: Gen VI pokemon, new battle mechanics, screenshots



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