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NEW Pokemon XY gameplay trailer! 06/11/2013

Posted by Gryphon in Game News, Pokemon News, Pokemon Video Games.
  • The all-new Fairy type is revealed! Attacks of this type are super-effective against Dragon pokemon. Also, besides the new Sylveon, some pokemon from older generations will be getting Fairy as a secondary type, including Jigglypuff, Marill, and Gardevoir.
  • New pokemon Vivillon and Noivern are shown.
  • There will be a new interactive feature called Pokemon Amie. Using this feature, you can perform activities which help you establish a bond with your pokemon, including feeding them, petting them, and playing with them.
  • Xerneas and Yveltal are shown using attacks in battle.
  • The release date for Pokemon XY is revealed to be October 12!

On the official Pokemon XY site, further details are given:

  • Vivillon’s (Bug/Flying) and Noivern’s (Flying/Dragon) stats are shown.
  • Pokemon Amie can be used at any time during the game with the pokemon in your party. Pokemon you play with using this feature may perform better in battle, and may also appear to pay more attention to you (turning to look at you while awaiting a command).
  • As seen in one of the screenshots, the trainer’s name is Xavier. This may be the default male character name (like Hilbert in Black and Nate in Black 2).

And finally, as given in the Nintendo Direct stream, Pokemon X and Y versions will also be available as downloads from the 3DS eShop. On the games’ eShop profile, it is shown that the new versions support both StreetPass and SpotPass, using the 3DS’s advanced connectivity to take player-player interaction a step further than Gen V’s C-Gear.



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