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More News Shorts! 05/03/2013

Posted by Gryphon in Events, League News, Pokemon Global Link, Pokemon TCG, TCG News, Tournaments.
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  • We will be having League tomorrow. This is our only remaining open day for Driftveil season, in case you still need your League Play! Point for this season.
  • The following weekend will be the Plasma Freeze sealed tournament.
  • Remember your lv100 Deoxys download coming up on May 8th. Apparently this download is limited to Black 2/White 2 versions. Plasma Freeze also becomes street-legal on that day.
  • The Pokemon GBU will be holding a non-VGC competition this month for Black 2/White 2 players. Registration begins May 9 with the competition starting a week later. The format is single battle with all pokemon auto-leveled to lv30. Participants are limited to pokemon listed in the Unova regional pokedex from Black 2 and White 2 (this includes new formes of Black/White pokemon). Get a ranking by completing 5 matches, and you can earn two exclusive C-Gear skins featuring White Kyurem and Black Kyurem.
  • Our between-season 2x Points Day will still take place on May 28th.