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Our Plasma Freeze Tournament has been Re-Scheduled…as a Booster Draft! 05/30/2013

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Hey, TCG’ers!

Looks like our Plasma Freeze tournament can be made up for after all! This time, I’ll be running it as a Booster Draft, instead of the traditional Sealed tournament. The main difference between the two is deck construction. Here’s all the important information first:

-The PLF Booster Draft will be held on June 22, 2013 at HV.
-This is a sanctioned tournament, therefore Player IDs will be required to participate. New IDs will be issued to new players only. Please consult your Trainer Club login if you don’t know what your Player ID number is if you’ve already linked it. Sanctioning link shown here.
-As a result of the previous cancellation of the Sealed Tournament, HV staff is offering registration at $19.99 per person and will pay for six (6) booster packs of PLF…that’s about six (6) packs for the retail price of five (5)!!!
-The number of Swiss rounds will be determined based on attendance…not everyone will play just three (3) rounds flat this time around. Top Cut (single elimination) may be implemented based on division attendance only.
-Like the Sealed Tournament, Basic Energy will be provided to borrow, but bring-your-own Basic Energy is highly encouraged. Special Energy rentals and purchases will not be offered.
-Because of the slightly more competitive nature of this limited format, prizes will be awarded based on attendance AND placement in the tournament. You will not receive additional participation prizes other than the one (1) Play! Point for the month of June if you haven’t already received it for playing in other local (non-Premier) tournaments.
-If there is not enough players in a division to keep them age-separate, they will be integrated (age-modified) into another division and will unfortunately have to share in that pool of prizes for placing. Please invite/bring as many players from different age groups as you can so that possibly all divisions can win the maximum amount of prizes possible!
-Door prizes may be given out. Contact me if you would like to donate items to the door prize pool.
-Please refer to my article regarding the Limited-Booster Draft format here for information on how it works. I will only go over the simple rules behind it at the tournament, but you will get a better idea by reading the article.

Please let me know if you have any other questions regarding the Booster Draft. Hope to see you come out for this!

Professor Raz



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