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Late May Odds & Ends 05/25/2013

Posted by Gryphon in Events, League News, Pokemon News.
  • Mistralton Gym season is currently underway! Come by this weekend and earn points toward your next badge. Driftveil Gym cards now get double points.
  • We are looking to make up for the canceled Plasma Freeze sealed deck tournament by holding a Plasma Freeze booster draft in June. We are planning towards an event date of June 22nd, though this date is subject to change pending other scheduled events at the store. I will post an update once it’s made official.
  • We’re also plotting out another special event, hopefully to take place in early summer (or maybe sooner). More info to come!
  • Remember that May 31st is the last day you can download a lv100 Deoxys to your Pokemon Black 2 or White 2 versions.
  • The League Calendar has been updated with all known scheduled events (plus a few with tentative dates). If you’re looking to get some Play Points in for eligibility to compete at Nationals, I would recommend attending a couple of Battle Road tournaments. Remember that Masters need at least 15 Play Points to play at Nationals, while Juniors and Seniors need a minimum of 5 (more info at the bottom of this page). Attending League gets you 1 Play Point per season, but you’ll need to be registered as well! If you’re having problems getting your POP ID synced with your Pokemon account, speak to me (Gryphon) at League; make sure you have your signup stubs on hand.
  • If you still need to order a badge case, make sure you order it for the Opelucid Gym season. It *should* arrive with the league supply shipment on July 6th.
  • Oh by the way, have you seen the new Pokemon X & Y official site?




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