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Plasma Freeze Sealed Tournament Twists Revealed! 04/21/2013

Posted by raznprince in Events, League News, Tournaments.

Hey, TCG’ers!

If you will be or at least plan on attending the Plasma Freeze Sealed Tournament at HV on May 11, here are some things to consider:
-I have inadvertently wiped the slate clean of all player information on my TOM software, therefore Player IDs will be required for this event. If you have one, please bring it or look up your Player ID number on your Trainer Club account on pokemon.com prior to arriving at the tournament. I will provide Player IDs to new players only. For your privacy protection, please do not comment on this post or any public media with your Player ID number.
-Normal Registration: $27 for six (6) packs to open for the tournament and two (2) more at the end.
-Advantage Registration: $31 for seven (7) packs to open for the tournament and two (2) more at the end. This option is available only to all Spring Regional Championships attendees (TCG or VGC) and the first five (5) players who register that didn’t attend. This is to reward the players who are dedicated to the Play! Pokémon program by attending Premier Events as well the early birds out there.
-Plasma Energy rentals and purchases will be available. Rentals are $3 (or $1 apiece), and purchases are $6 ($2 apiece) for four (4) Plasma Energy. You can use the Plasma Energy you rented/purchased for the tournament. Also, you cannot use bring-your-own Plasma Energy for this tournament.
-Raffles will not be available this time around.
-Door Prizes will include Plasma Freeze packs and theme decks (based on attendance), and a few other mystery items. The more people you invite or bring, the more prizes more people can win!
-While it is highly encouraged, you can pre-register for this tournament by calling HV (information to the right), and providing your name so they have a fair idea how many players will be attending. Your Player ID number (if you have one) isn’t required or  desired to pre-register.

Let me know if you have any questions! Hope to see you and a few friends come out to this event!

Professor Raz



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