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Spring Regionals 2013: A Very Brief Review 04/17/2013

Posted by raznprince in League News, Pokemon TCG, Pokemon Video Games.

Hey Trainers!

Kudos to those who went to Regionals, and regrets to those who didn’t last weekend! It was a great time for those who went to experience big competition in one of the large Pokémon events held throughout the country every season, and what better way to hold it than in the Spring AND in our home state! (Nationals, of course trumps all Regionals experiences, but that is entirely beside the point…)

I had the pleasure of becoming one of the elite team of judges from the Southeast as I have worked with PTOs and resident judges from Georgia and other states such as Florida, Tennessee, and Alabama, and our Tournament Head Judge flew all the way out from California to be here!

I was assigned to be a TCG judge for the Senior Division, and had the fortune of judging two of our very own players who attended from our league, Seth E., and Ian C.! They attended the TCG tournament and earned themselves 3 Play! Points, a black Regionals wristband, and a Regionals promo-stamped Umbreon. While their performance in the Swiss rounds proved to be an uphill battle, they battled hard, had fun, and gained valuable tournament experience for their efforts. Great job, Seth and Ian!

The Senior Division tournament ran 7 rounds of Swiss and a Top Cut to a Top 16. Elsewhere, the Junior Division ran 6 rounds of Swiss for a Top 8, and Master Division ran 8 rounds for a Top 32. From JR/SR/MA order, the Champions were from Georgia, Virginia, and Florida respectively. I was able to judge through Seniors Top 4 before my Division Head Judge released me for the evening in preparation for the VGC the next day.

On VGC day, we held the Junior and Senior Division tournaments early while Masters TCG Top 16 was going on at the same time. All divisions (including Masters that occurred later on that day) held multiple Swiss rounds and a cut to a Top 8.

In honoring more of our locals coming up to Regionals, I managed to find Gryphon in attendance as she came up the line for registration in the Masters Division tournament. She went on to play to a 5-3 record that day, and for participating, she received 3 Play! Points, a white Regionals wristband, and a Regionals promo-stamped Umbreon. A great job to Gryphon for a wonderful performance!

Also, in case anyone was wondering, the Pokémon video game promo distribution for Regionals was Ludicolo.

I’d like to post pictures directly onto this blog entry but since I took several noteworthy pictures, I figured I’d post a link to my Facebook. Click here if you’d like to view the pictures. Enjoy!

Again, a big thanks to Seth, Ian, and Gryphon for coming up to Athens last weekend to represent WRAPL at Spring Regionals, and I hope you all learned a good deal and gained some experience competing with other players across the region!

Let me know if you have any questions!

Professor  Raz



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