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A few more odds & ends 01/23/2013

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This sure has been a busy news month, eh?

  • Pokemon game director Junichi Masuda made a new post about Pokemon XY on his blog. Go read it!
  • The International Challenge January VG wifi tournament starts TOMORROW at 7:00 PM EST. If you want to compete, make sure you register before 6:59 tomorrow! Information on how to participate can still be found here.
  • Also for our VG players, there will be another Keldeo distribution starting on January 25th. You can get a level 50 Keldeo for your Black2/White2 game through Mystery Gift by Nintendo WFC (even if you already have one). The event lasts until February 12th. If you’ve never used Mystery Gift before, here’s a video of a Mewtwo event download to show you how.
  • For more Keldeo goodness, you can tune in to Cartoon Network on Sunday, February 3rd, at 1:00 PM to see a repeat broadcast of Kyurem Vs. the Sword of Justice, following a marathon of Rival Destinies episodes which starts at 11:00 AM. Stay tuned after the movie to see an episode from the upcoming season Adventures in Unova!
  • Last but not least, THIS Sunday, January 27th, will be the 47th birthday of Ken Sugimori, the Art Director at Game Freak. Even if you don’t know his name, you’ve definitely seen his work; he was the lead character design artist on all the main series Pokemon games, all the way back to the original Red and Green (Japanese) versions. Though Game Freak has more Pokemon designers on staff now, Sugimori is still responsible for the designs of the version mascot legendaries (Dialga, Lugia, Zekrom, etc.), as well as the evolution lines of the starter pokemon. Chances are, your favorite pokemon was originally designed by Ken Sugimori! If you want to wish him a happy birthday, you can do so by leaving a message on his Twitter, @SUPER_32X.


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