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January/February events update 01/18/2013

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  • This Saturday marks the start of the Castelia Gym season at our local League. Come by any Saturday from tomorrow to February 9th to get your Play Point for this season. If you haven’t ordered a Badge Case yet, be sure to order it before February 9th to have it arrive with the supplies for the Nimbasa Gym season in March.
  • The Southeastern Winter Regional Championships will be held this weekend on January 19th and 20th in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Professor Raz (Rodel) will be on the judge staff. Good luck to everyone competing! More information on this event can be found under the Tournaments tab.
  • Registration for the International Challenge January wifi competition is now open. It will close at 6:59 PM EST on January 24th, after which the competition will begin. Feel free to test your team this Saturday at League before registering. More information on this event can be found under the Tournaments tab.
  • We will be holding a Plasma Storm sealed tournament on February 16th! Registration begins at 11:00 AM with a fee of $27, and the tournament begins at 12:00 noon. More information on this event can be found under the Local tab.
  • For players with Pokedex 3D Pro, the data for Genesect is now available. Under Pokemon Challenge, delete one of the quizzes toward the bottom of the list, replace the password with “PHSKUTDF” and then take the new quiz generated by the password. Once you complete the quiz, you will unlock the Genesect data. If you have the Pokedex app on your iOS-compatible system, type “SNMPSCTP” into the search field to unlock Genesect.


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