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Wifi Competitions and how they work 01/16/2013

Posted by Gryphon in Game Strategy, Pokemon Video Games.
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For our Video Game players, wifi competitions are a great way to test your skills, learn new strategies, and get some experience in a competitive playing environment, all without having to leave your house (or wherever your nearest public wifi hotspot is). The new series of competitions allows more opportunities for players to earn Play Points and potentially earn Championship Points, which go toward being able to compete at Nationals and Worlds, respectively. They also offer participation prizes to those who meet the requirements to earn a ranking. The current schedule of announced wifi competitions can be found listed under the Tournaments tab. This article will help explain what you need to be able to compete in a wifi competition, how to register for one, and how to participate.

Like live tournaments, wifi competitions use the Double Battle format. However, they are different from live tournaments in that there are no rounds, pairings, or brackets. Players who participate in wifi competitions are allowed to battle as many times as they like during the competition period. Their final ranking is determined by their rating. Every player starts out with a rating of 1500, which goes up when they win a battle, and goes down when they lose a battle. If a player wins against a player with a high ranking, then their ranking goes up a lot; if they lose to a player with a much lower ranking, then their rating will go down a lot. Likewise, if they lose to a player with a higher ranking, it won’t go down much, and if they win against someone with a low ranking, their ranking only goes up a little.

What do you need to be able to participate in a wifi competition?

  1. You will need a handheld console from the Nintendo DS family: either a Nintendo DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSiXL, 3DS, or 3DSXL.
  2. You will need a copy of Pokemon Black Version 2 or Pokemon White Version 2 (currently the only games allowed in VG Modified).
  3. In that game, you will need a team of 4 to 6 pokemon. These pokemon must only have been obtained through catching them, breeding them, or through a special event or promotion, like through Nintendo WFC or a wireless download at stores like Toys ‘R’ Us or GameStop. They may be obtained through trading, though the person who obtained them originally must have done so through legal means. Under no circumstances may pokemon obtained or modified through hacking or the use of a cheating device be used!
    • In every competition, there are certain pokemon which are banned from use. Currently, the pokemon which are banned from wifi competitions are: Mewtwo, Mew, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Chatot (banned because of its Chatter attack), Celebi, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Jirachi, Deoxys, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Phione, Manaphy, Darkrai, Shaymin, Arceus, Victini, Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem, Keldeo, Meloetta, Genesect.
    • In every competition, there may be certain moves which none of your pokemon are allowed to have. Currently, the only banned moves are Sky Drop (banned because of a glitch) and Dark Void. (These moves are currently not listed on the competition details PDF for the International Challenge for unknown reasons.) Although Darkrai, the pokemon whose signature move is Dark Void, is banned from the competition, pokemon such as Smeargle which can copy Dark Void through use of Sketch are still allowed, which is why the move itself must also be banned.
    • There may also be some items which pokemon may not hold in battle during the competition. Currently, the only banned hold item is Soul Dew.
    • All of the pokemon on your team must be different species (have different National Pokedex numbers, so you can’t have two of the same pokemon with different formes) and the items they’re holding must all be different.
  4. This team of 4-6 pokemon must be registered in your Battle Box. This is done through the PC storage system in the game; place your team in a regular storage box, then return to the storage system menu and select “Battle Box”. From there, you may move pokemon from storage into a special box which only holds up to 6 pokemon (the interface looks similar to when you are moving pokemon back and forth from your party, only here you cannot access your party). The purpose of the Battle Box is to store battle-ready pokemon where they can be readily accessed for infrared, wireless or wifi battles, so that you don’t have to go to the Pokemon Center and switch out your party pokemon when you want to battle another player.
  5. To be able to register to participate in a wifi competition, you must have a Pokemon Trainer’s Club account, as well as an account on the Pokemon Global Link (both are free; younger players may need to get email confirmation from parents to be able to activate their accounts). You must also have your copy of Black 2 or White 2 synced with your Pokemon Global Link account. If you haven’t synced your game card with your PGL account yet, here’s how:
    1. Make sure your DS system is able to connect to the Internet.
    2. If you’ve received the C-Gear in your game (beat the first gym leader and Bianca will give it to you), turn it on and select Online, then Game Sync.
    3. When it asks if you want to connect, select Yes. (If you get an error screen afterward, go here to find out what you have to do to fix the error.)
    4. Once you have successfully connected to Nintendo WFC through your game, you will receive a Game Sync ID code. Sign into your PGL account and click on the button marked “Add Game Card” on your profile. If you are just now creating a PGL account, it will ask for the Game Sync ID during registration.
    5. In your game, after you receive the Game Sync ID, you will be asked to tuck in a pokemon to be sent to the Dream World. You should see your PC storage boxes. Choose a pokemon from there to tuck in. Some pokemon, like Vigoroth, cannot be tucked in because they cannot fall asleep. XD
    6. After the pokemon is tucked in and falls asleep, information on your game will be sent to the Pokemon Global Link. After a while, you will start to see your play time, obtained badges, people you’ve interacted with who also have PGL accounts, and medals you’ve earned show up on your profile. This shows that your game card is fully synced with your PGL account.
  6. Finally, you will need a Play! Pokemon ID that is registered on your Pokemon Trainer’s Club account, so that you can earn Play/Championship Points and keep track of them via your Play! Pokemon profile. If you’re reading this as a member of WRAPL, you should already have one, since you can only earn points towards promo cards and badges, as well as Play Points from attending League, if you have an ID registered to your account. If you don’t know if you do or not, ask one of the League Leaders next time you come to League.

OK! You’re all set up and registered and synced and ready to go. So how do you register to compete?

When the registration period for a wifi competition opens (times are scheduled for UTC; you can find out what the times/dates would be in EST/EDT by using this online converter), you will be able to register and get your Digital Player ID for the upcoming competition. Registration usually remains open for a week, after which it closes and the competition begins.

  1. Sign into your Pokemon Global Link account, and click on Competitions.
  2. Select the competition you wish to enter, and follow the instructions. This reserves a participation slot for you, but it’s only the first step in registration.
  3. Start up your Black2/White2 game and check your Battle Box to make sure you’ve set it up the way you want it.
  4. Save the game, then hold down the L, R, Select, and Start buttons to soft-reset the game and go back to the title screen.
  5. Go to the main menu following the title screen (Continue, New Game, Mystery Gift, etc.).
  6. Scroll down to “Battle Competition” and select it.
  7. Select “To the Wi-Fi Competition”, then “Participate”.
  8. When it asks if you want to connect to Nintendo WFC, select “Yes”. (Make sure your wireless Internet is working.)
  9. The game will check for available competitions. Confirm that you wish to participate in the competition you’ve registered for on the Pokemon Global Link website. IMPORTANT: This will lock your Battle Box. You will be unable to swap out any pokemon or their items until the competition ends. Double-check to make sure you have the pokemon and items you want already in your Battle Box before you complete your registration!
  10. After confirmation, the game will download your Digital Player ID for the competition. When it’s finished, make sure the game has been saved before you turn the system off.

You’ve registered for the competition, got your Digital Player ID and everything, and now registration’s closed and the competition has begun. So now what do you do?

Once the scheduled time has passed for the competition to start and you’re ready to battle, go to Battle Competition in your game’s main menu, then select “To the Wi-Fi Competition” and “Participate”. The game will then connect to Nintendo WFC. You’ll see a new menu, with the options “Battle”, “Cancel participation”, and “Cancel”.

Select “Battle” to have a battle with another registered competitor; the game will look for other online players and will connect you with one. You’ll get to see a small profile of that player which shows their character’s name, their rating, what country they’re from, and their greeting message (you can create your own by editing your Trainer Card in the game). You will then be prompted to choose which pokemon on your team you will use for this battle; you are allowed to choose 4 pokemon. While you’re picking your pokemon, the top screen will show you which 6 pokemon your opponent has, so you can decide which pokemon would do well against their team (your opponent gets to see what 6 pokemon you have on hand as well). You only have a minute or so to do this, so be careful that the timer doesn’t run out before you’re done choosing your team. Once you and your opponent are both ready, the battle will begin. There is a timer for move selection and a timer for the overall battle. Be careful of the Run option at the bottom of the selection screen; only select this option if you wish to forfeit the battle! Once a winner has been decided, the game will send the data to the PGL server, and then you will be asked whether or not you want to save the battle as a video in your VS Recorder (videos saved here can be uploaded and shared via the Global Terminal upstairs in any Pokemon Center). After that, you’ll return to the menu you were at before.

REMEMBER: You need to complete 10 battles for your participation to count. Doing so also earns you the special participation prize for the competition.

When you need to take a break from the competition, select the last option, “Cancel”. It will ask if you want to “quit the competition” to which you say “Yes” (this is different from actually removing your participation in the competition). While the game is sending information to the PGL server, you will be awarded Battle Points for any battles you’ve won during this session. These points are good at the prize exchange shops in the Battle Subway and the Pokemon World Tournament building in your Black2/White2 game. The game should then return you to the Battle Competition menu. Select “Back” to return to the main menu.

If you need to exit the competition completely so that you can access the contents of your Battle Box again, you will need to select “Cancel participation”. This will remove you from the competition entirely; however, you won’t be able to rejoin the competition if you change your mind later on. Only do this if you really need to unlock your Battle Box before the scheduled time for the competition’s end.

You’ve had at least 10 battles, and now the competition’s over… Now what?

The rankings for the competition will be posted on the Pokemon Global Link after a week or so, and the participation prize will become available to send to your Dream World treasure chest under Promotions later on. To unlock your Battle Box after the competition’s over, go to Battle Competition on the main menu, “To the Wi-Fi Competition”, then “Participate”. The game will be updated with the conclusion of the competition and will unlock your Battle Box. Allow the game to save, and it will return you to the previous menu. Select “Back” to return to the main menu.

I hope this article helped to remove some of the confusion surrounding registering and participating in wifi competitions. Have fun competing, remember to save and upload some cool battle videos, and let us know how you did!




1. Joyce - 07/30/2013

I can’t take my pokemon out of battle box.

Gryphon - 08/25/2013

Make sure you are unregistered from the tournament you participated in, so that your Battle Box will become unlocked. You can do so by going back into the Battle Competition option, go to Participate and Wifi, connecting through Nintendo WFC, and select Battle. It should then update itself on the status of the competition, unregister you, then unlock your Battle Box.

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