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Updates on minor news! 01/10/2013

Posted by Gryphon in Events, Pokemon Global Link, Pokemon Video Games.
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  • VG players who participated in the 2012 VGCS Winter Battle will be able to pick up their Custap Berry participation prize today! Sign into the main Global Link page and click on the Promotions icon, then click the “You’ve Earned a Custap Berry!” topic. Click “Submit” and the item will be added to your Dream World treasure chest, where you can take it to plant in your garden (you get 5 berries), or just choose it to be sent to your game the next time you use Game Sync. While you’re checking on your Dream World account, you might as well pick up the Arceus pokedoll item which became available today (the Promotions password is UTAFTFA).
  • As for Junichi Masuda’s birthday this Saturday, this is one of the days scheduled in the game for the weather phenomenon known as “diamond dust” to occur in Snowpoint City and Mt. Silver in Gen IV games, as well as Icirrus City in Black and White. It should also appear in Icirrus City in Black 2 and White 2, and seeing it is the requirement to getting the Diamond Dust adventure medal. (Another day when diamond dust appears was December 31, but I was made aware of it too late to report it, and for that, I apologize.) It’s been confirmed that diamond dust actually does NOT fall in Icirrus City on this day, since it is not a Winter month in the game. You can still get the medal in BW2 by changing your DS system’s date back to Dec 31, visiting Icirrus City, then going inside the Pokemon Center and talking to Mr. Medal (save your game before changing your system’s date back to normal so that you don’t lose the medal). HOWEVER, doing so will cause all date-sensitive events in your game to become unavailable for 24 hours (this includes shop items in your Join Avenue as well as your C-Gear’s Game Sync function) so make sure you take care of whatever daily things you want to do before you change the game clock.


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