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The Sixth Generation: Pokemon X & Y! 01/08/2013

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Early this morning Eastern time, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata appeared on a live streaming broadcast (which you can still see here) to announce the next big thing in the Pokemon series. It turned out to be a reveal of the next generation following Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2, featuring two new versions for the Nintendo 3DS with all new starters, as well as two new legendary pokemon!


The trailer revealed an all-new region, though it didn’t give the name of the region. Judging from the Eiffel Tower-like structure shown in one of the cities (plus the Eiffel Tower which Pikachu was standing on top of at the beginning of the video), it is very possible that this new region is based on the real-world country of France in Europe.

The new versions feature a greater 3D approach to its environment than previous generations, making them more similar to battle arena titles like Pokemon Colosseum. There is even a hint of a player-customizing system like Pokemon Battle Revolution (though we don’t know for sure). Even the pokemon in battle scenes are rendered in full 3D!

But here are the big stars of the video announcement; ladies and gentlemen, your new starter pokemon!


  • The green and brown pokemon, likely the grass type, is called Chespin. It is shown using a move that looks similar to Solarbeam in the video. It is also the first grass starter pokemon that is a mammal (the others are all reptiles)! Its name is likely derived from “chestnut” which its spiky cap resembles.
  • The yellow fox-like pokemon, likely the fire type, is called Fennekin. It is very likely based on a fennec fox. It is shown using fire moves as well as what looks like a psychic move.
  • The blue frog pokemon, likely the water type, is called Froakie. It is shown using a move which looks like Water Gun. Not much else is known about it.

Also shown in the video are what look to be the box mascot legendaries for Pokemon X & Y. While it’s generally assumed that the blue deer-like legend relates to X and the red bird-like one relates to Y because of the colors and shapes of the logos, the names and implied types of these legendaries were not given. (EDIT: Their names are Xerneas and Yveltal.) There’s not much to say what their relationship is to one another, either. However, because the deer legend is shown surrounded by nature, while the bird legend resembles a vulture, it is speculated among fans that the opposing forces in the new versions may be related to life and death. We won’t know for sure until Game Freak makes an official statement on it.

pokemonxy_bluelegend pokemonxy_redlegend

The titles of the versions, X and Y, may have to do with X and Y chromosomes in DNA (the Japanese logo shows a tiny rainbow-colored DNA double helix in the text for “pocket monsters”) and yet they may also have to do with the X axis and Y axis used to mark points on a 2-dimensional plane, which would lead to the possible special third version to be called “Pokemon Z” after the Z axis, which marks points in the 3rd dimension.

You may have noticed that we already have the English names of the starter pokemon long before the release date, even before the game has been made available in Japan; this is because Pokemon X & Y is scheduled for a worldwide release. Look for it to be released on the Nintendo 3DS in October of this year!



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