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Some comparatively minor news… 01/08/2013

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…but which still bear mentioning at this point in time!

  • The Custap Berry participation prize from the recent Winter Battle wifi competition may become available as a Dream World gift item, when it is released. Currently, it is available for participants of the Japan-only Christmas Cup competition to receive; Japanese PGL members are able to get the item via the Dream World, where they have the chance to plant it in their gardens and grow more Custap Berries instead of sending the single item prize to their games. There’s no word yet on when the Winter Battle Custap Berry prize will become available.
  • January 12, this Saturday, is the day when Junichi Masuda, the current Director of the Board at Game Freak and the director/music composer of several titles in the Pokemon series, celebrates his 45th birthday! If you want to wish him a happy birthday (Japan is 14 hours ahead of us, so the Japanese day starts at around 10:00 AM the previous day on our time), you can leave a message on his Twitter page. He can read English, and he may respond or even retweet your message in English. You can draw him some fanart to attach to your message if you like; currently, his favorite pokemon is Victini, though he also likes Pichu and Psyduck. Here’s an example of some birthday fanart I drew for him last year (Pulseman is there because Masuda was the main programmer and composed all the music for the Pulseman video game):




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