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Virbank attendees, get a free Garchomp! 01/31/2013

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Announced just recently, the Global Link prize for players who attended a Pokemon League session during the Virbank Gym season is a special Garchomp. It comes at level 48 with the moves Slash, Dig, Dragon Claw, and Crunch, as well as the hidden ability Rough Skin. It is available to obtain until the end of February; you can get it the same way you got your Scizor for attending the Aspertia Gym season.

Professor’s Corner – The Limited-Sealed Deck Format Revisited for BLW-on 01/30/2013

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Hey, TCG’ers!

Some of you my have questions regarding the format of the sealed tournaments I’ve been hosting, so I thought I’d refer back to a previous blog I posted last year. Some rules may have been added or changed due to the introduction of new types of cards, so I also mention them here in this updated post.

A Limited tournament consists of the following general guidelines:

  1. The Tournament Organizer (TO) or Premier Tournament Organizer (PTO) provides all the cards needed for players to participate in this type of tournament. This includes enough booster packs of the new set to support the number of players participating as well as Basic Energy to play with cards. Bringing your own Basic Energy for these events may be desired, but it’s not required.
  2. You have 30 minutes construct a 40-card deck upon receiving all your packs and opening them. This includes all the Basic Energy you borrow for the tournament.
  3. In a Limited Tournament, the 4-copies-per-deck rule is suspended. In other words, you are allowed to use more than 4 copies of any one card (including the common exception of Basic Energy) in your deck in this format. Ace Spec cards are still limited to one (1) total per deck per the specific printing on those cards.
  4. During a Limited Tournament, rounds are played to 4 prizes and each round typically lasts for 20 minutes. Some TOs/PTOs may offer the “Plus-3-Turns” overtime rule in addition to the time limit. You still play all your rounds whether you win or lose the first few rounds. This is called Swiss Rounds and the number of rounds is determined by how many people attend your event. (The Plus-3-Turns rule and Swiss Rounds are explained elsewhere in the Professor’s Corner articles.)

The Sealed Deck sub-format basically means that the TO/PTO simply hands you your packs, you open them, and you build your 40-card deck. Other Limited sub-formats include Booster Draft (explained in a previous Professor’s Corner post), Rochester Draft, and Solomon Draft, and will be explained in a future blog.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Professor Raz

Professor Knowledge Difficulty – Intermediate

Plasma Storm Sealed Tournament Twists Revealed! 01/28/2013

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Hey, TCG’ers!

If you will be or at least plan on attending the Plasma Storm Sealed Tournament at HV on February 16, here are some things to consider:
-Normal Registration is $27, which will give you six (6) packs to open for the tournament and two (2) packs at the end of the tournament.
-Advantage Registration is $31, which will give you seven (7) packs to open for the tournament and two (2) packs at the end of the tournament.
-Special Energy Rentals are any combination of four (4) Special Energy for $2 and will not include Plasma Energy. You can use the Special Energy you rented for the tournament. Also, you cannot use bring-your-own Special Energy for this tournament.
-Special Energy Purchases are any combination of four (4) Special Energy for $6 or $2 apiece, and are limited to Blend Energy GRPD, Blend Energy WLFM, and Prism Energy only. You can use the Special Energy you purchased for the tournament.
-Raffles may be happening! A minimum of ten (10) total entries for each item is required for that raffle to occur (you don’t need to buy that many entries, although you’re welcome to). Even if the raffles don’t occur, the money raised will go towards purchasing additional packs for door prizes. Per entry, the following items are up for raffle:
Dark Explorers Scrafty Playmat – $3
Worlds 2010 Playmat – $7
-Door Prizes will include 2012-2013 Play! Pokémon randomizers, Worlds ’12 luggage tags, Plasma Storm packs and theme decks (based on attendance), and a few other mystery items!
-All Plasma Storm product is provided by HV, and all money raised above and beyond normal registration will go towards purchasing additional rewards for door prizes, etc. For general event information, click on the Local tab above.

Let me know if you have any questions! Hope to see you and a few friends come out to this event!

Professor Raz

A few more odds & ends 01/23/2013

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This sure has been a busy news month, eh?

  • Pokemon game director Junichi Masuda made a new post about Pokemon XY on his blog. Go read it!
  • The International Challenge January VG wifi tournament starts TOMORROW at 7:00 PM EST. If you want to compete, make sure you register before 6:59 tomorrow! Information on how to participate can still be found here.
  • Also for our VG players, there will be another Keldeo distribution starting on January 25th. You can get a level 50 Keldeo for your Black2/White2 game through Mystery Gift by Nintendo WFC (even if you already have one). The event lasts until February 12th. If you’ve never used Mystery Gift before, here’s a video of a Mewtwo event download to show you how.
  • For more Keldeo goodness, you can tune in to Cartoon Network on Sunday, February 3rd, at 1:00 PM to see a repeat broadcast of Kyurem Vs. the Sword of Justice, following a marathon of Rival Destinies episodes which starts at 11:00 AM. Stay tuned after the movie to see an episode from the upcoming season Adventures in Unova!
  • Last but not least, THIS Sunday, January 27th, will be the 47th birthday of Ken Sugimori, the Art Director at Game Freak. Even if you don’t know his name, you’ve definitely seen his work; he was the lead character design artist on all the main series Pokemon games, all the way back to the original Red and Green (Japanese) versions. Though Game Freak has more Pokemon designers on staff now, Sugimori is still responsible for the designs of the version mascot legendaries (Dialga, Lugia, Zekrom, etc.), as well as the evolution lines of the starter pokemon. Chances are, your favorite pokemon was originally designed by Ken Sugimori! If you want to wish him a happy birthday, you can do so by leaving a message on his Twitter, @SUPER_32X.

WRAPL News and Reminders 01/22/2013

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Hey, Trainers!

Professor Raz represents WRAPL by judging at Winter Regionals in Orlando!
I have had the pleasure of judging players in the TCG this past weekend and got to meet players from around the area as well as a few out-of-area visitors! The atmosphere was Eelektrik, lol! There was even a VG distribution for a Worlds player’s Cloyster for the Black/White and Black 2/White 2 versions! It was an overall fun weekend, and I wished you all were there!

NO League Session this weekend (1/26)
Consider attending the Plasma Storm Pre-releases in Canton on Saturday and/or Newnan on Sunday. Click on the Tournaments tab above for Pre-Release information.

Plasma Storm Sealed Tournament at HV on Feburary 16
We will be having our first local tournament of the year by celebrating the new set! Registration is at 11:00 A.M. and the tournament starts at noon. Registration fee is $27 for eight (8) total packs, six (6) of which you will use to play in the tournament. Mark your calendars and invite all your friends! Click on the Local tab for more information.

More prizes for the Sealed Tournament?
I have bought plenty of items and gear at Winter Regionals that I may be giving out as door prizes for our Sealed tournament in addition to booster packs and such. There will also be a playmat raffle for those interested in winning one! I am also considering the options for advantage registration and Special Energy rentals. Please stay tuned for more details as it comes closer to time!

Mark your calendars for the Spring Regional Championships!
Spring Regionals will be held on April 13-14 in Athens, GA at the Classics Center, near the University of Georgia. This is a great opportunity for you to experience a large event setting on a smaller scale to that of U.S. Nationals! It is my intention to cancel League on that weekend so that you will have this opportunity to compete with players in the TCG and VGC from states across the region like FL, TN, NC, SC, AL, MS, and even your fellow players from GA! Click on the Tournaments tab above for more information.

Badge Case call for Nimbasa Season
If you have been added to the attendance roster for Castelia Season and have not already ordered a badge case, now is the time to do so. Gryphon will soon submit the attendance report for Castelia and order supplies for Nimbasa, so please get your badge case order in before that happens so you’ll get yours when the Nimbasa kits arrive!

As always, let me know if you have any questions!

Professor Raz

January/February events update 01/18/2013

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  • This Saturday marks the start of the Castelia Gym season at our local League. Come by any Saturday from tomorrow to February 9th to get your Play Point for this season. If you haven’t ordered a Badge Case yet, be sure to order it before February 9th to have it arrive with the supplies for the Nimbasa Gym season in March.
  • The Southeastern Winter Regional Championships will be held this weekend on January 19th and 20th in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Professor Raz (Rodel) will be on the judge staff. Good luck to everyone competing! More information on this event can be found under the Tournaments tab.
  • Registration for the International Challenge January wifi competition is now open. It will close at 6:59 PM EST on January 24th, after which the competition will begin. Feel free to test your team this Saturday at League before registering. More information on this event can be found under the Tournaments tab.
  • We will be holding a Plasma Storm sealed tournament on February 16th! Registration begins at 11:00 AM with a fee of $27, and the tournament begins at 12:00 noon. More information on this event can be found under the Local tab.
  • For players with Pokedex 3D Pro, the data for Genesect is now available. Under Pokemon Challenge, delete one of the quizzes toward the bottom of the list, replace the password with “PHSKUTDF” and then take the new quiz generated by the password. Once you complete the quiz, you will unlock the Genesect data. If you have the Pokedex app on your iOS-compatible system, type “SNMPSCTP” into the search field to unlock Genesect.

Winter Regionals this Weekend! 01/16/2013

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Hey, Trainers!Regionals Logo

If you plan on going to a Winter Regional Championships this weekend, there will be one down in FL, and one up in VA. Please click on the tournaments tab above for FL information.

I will be heading down to judge at the Regionals in FL, so if you’re heading down as well, I hope to see you there, and wish you good luck in the TCG/VCG!

Professor Raz

Wifi Competitions and how they work 01/16/2013

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For our Video Game players, wifi competitions are a great way to test your skills, learn new strategies, and get some experience in a competitive playing environment, all without having to leave your house (or wherever your nearest public wifi hotspot is). The new series of competitions allows more opportunities for players to earn Play Points and potentially earn Championship Points, which go toward being able to compete at Nationals and Worlds, respectively. They also offer participation prizes to those who meet the requirements to earn a ranking. The current schedule of announced wifi competitions can be found listed under the Tournaments tab. This article will help explain what you need to be able to compete in a wifi competition, how to register for one, and how to participate. (more…)

Competitive Spotlight: Latios 01/14/2013

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Eon Pokemon
Length: 6’07”
Weight: 132.3 pounds
Type: Dragon/Psychic

During the World Championships in August of 2012, Latios got a special mention as one of the most often-used pokemon by competitors. In the competitive metagame, Latios has an advantage by being both powerful and versatile, being able to learn many different types of moves as well as a high Special Attack and Speed stat to be able to dominate with those moves. When given a spot on a Double Battles team, Latios can be lent support by other strong pokemon which counter its weaknesses well. (more…)

International Challenge January registration dates approaching 01/11/2013

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On January 17th, next Thursday (UTC), registration will open for the International Challenge January, a wifi competition held on the Pokemon Global Link. Registration will remain open for a week and will close at the end of the 24th, after which the competition will begin. There is a limit of 50,000 participants, so register as soon as you can! Rules are similar to those of the Winter Battle, except that the Juniors and Seniors will have separate age divisions. The participation prize this time will be a Jaboca Berry. The top 128 players in each age division will earn Championship Points, which go towards being able to compete at the World Championships in Vancouver. You can learn more about the competition, its rules, and how to register by visiting this link.