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WRAPL Announcements (11/26/12) 11/26/2012

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Hey Trainers!

No League Session on December 1.
HV will be having their big sale this weekend, so all regularly scheduled gaming events (including League Session) on this date will be cancelled.

TCG City Championships season in GA will be underway soon!
Consider going to Buford for Cities during the League’s off-weekend. The schedule for all Cities events in GA can be found under the “Tournaments” tab. Decklist forms can be downloaded and printed finding it under the “Library” tab.

Our first League Session for the Virbank Gym Season starts December 8.
We should be receiving supplies and badge cases for the Virbank Gym season pretty soon. If you need to finish up on your Aspertia Gym tracking card, all games played on that card or tracking cards from seasons past will be issued Double Points. Please remember that per League Rules, you can only work on one tracking card at a time, meaning you cannot receive stamps on more than one different card for the same games played. However, you may choose to start working on the Virbank Gym tracking card if you wish to finish your Aspertia Gym tacking cards in the future.

Badge Case ordering for Castelia Gym season:
Attend at least one (1) League Session during the Virbank Gym season so that Gryphon or I can add you to our attendance roster. Afterwards, you can log into your Trainer Club account to place your badge case order.

A reward for our active VG players who attended the Aspertia Gym season!
If you were reported as having attended the Aspertia Gym season in the past few weeks, you are now eligible to receive a Scizor with a hidden ability for your Pokémon Black 2/White 2 version game(s)! Click here for details.

No local tournaments will be run until February 2013. 😦
I will be unable to run tournaments at HV for the next couple of months as I will be heavily involved in playing and staffing for Premier Events. You are highly encouraged to consider participating in Premier Events in order to gain more tournament experience. Keep in mind that all of these events will require you to play with a deck built according to the Modified-Constructed format and completed decklists will be required to register. You will receive Play! Points for each event that you participate as necessary for those of you with the 2013 U.S. National Championships attendance on your schedule.

Still recruiting for Team Aerial Ace!
If any of you TCG players are interested in becoming competitive and plan on attending any of the City Championships events, it’s not too late! Just let me know that you are interested and I may plan on scheduling training sessions with you.

Premier Events Schedule
GA City Championships and Marathon – See “Tournaments” tab
Winter Regional Championships – January 19-20, 2013 – See “Tournaments” tab
GA State Championships – TBA
AL State Championships – TBA
FL State Championships – March 24, 2013 – TBA
Spring Regional Championships – April 13-14, 2013 – See “Tournaments” tab

As always, let me know if you have any questions!

Professor Raz



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