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Happy Halloween!!! 10/31/2012

Posted by raznprince in Pokemon News.


Hey, trainers! Hope you’re having a wonderful Halloween day, as there are a lot of news and changes going in on the Pokémon community and here at WRAPL!

Get your Pumpkin Pikachu C-Gear Skin for your Black 2/White 2 Versions!
You must have synced your Black 2/White 2 version game in order to get this for your game. You can get this special Halloween-edition C-Gear skin by logging into the Pokémon Global Link using your Trainer Club login, clicking on Customize, and selecting the skin and saving your settings. Next, using your game, tap the ONLINE button on your C-Gear and tap Game Sync, select a Pokémon to tuck in and save the game, then wake your Pokémon by repeating this process, then you should have your special C-Gear skin!

It’s not too late to attend a Boundaries Crossed Pre-Release!
Canton – Saturday, November 3. Click on the Tournaments Tab above for details. We will still hold League Session here the same day for those who are unable to go.

Coming to our Boundaries Crossed Post-Release Tournament?
For those of you who have Facebook, a link is posted in the Local Tab where you can pre-register by RSVP if you so choose. If you don’t have Facebook, you can still simply let me or Gyphon know through other mediums if you will be attending.

All WRAPL Rules and Policies are now in effect and will be strictly enforced.
Please check them out by clicking on the About WRAPL Tab. By attending our League Sessions, you consent to following the rules and policies listed in those links.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Professor Raz



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