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Annoucements and Reminders 10/20/2012

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Hey TCG’ers!

Modified-Constructed Tournament Results
Congratulations to Calvin, Seth, and Gryphon for taking top honors in their respective age divisions at the Modified-Constructed tournament this weekend! Also, congratulations to Heather H. for winning the HGSS Playmat door prize!

League Cycle 2012-2013 Begins on October 22!
To kick off the new League Cycle, we will be hosting League next weekend (October 27) the same time the Boundaries Crossed Pre-Releases are taking place. If you ordered a Badge Case and had it sent to our League, you will receive one. As one final reminder of our new League Policy, linked Player IDs to your Trainer Club account is mandatory. Please ensure this happens or we cannot award you any promos for the new season. Let Gyphon or I know if you need a new Player ID if you don’t have one or lost your activation PIN code!

Boundaries Crossed Sealed Tournament
As you all have voted, I will be hosting a Boundaries Crossed Sealed Tournament at HV on Saturday, Novenber 17. Registration will be from 11:00 A.M. to noon and fee is $27. Please be reminded that this is NOT a Pre-Release event as the set will be released on Wednesday, November 7.

As usual, you will receive six (6) booster packs of Boundaries Crossed to build a 40-card deck, play three (3) rounds of Swiss, and receive two (2) additional booster packs at the end of the tournament. Basic Energy will be provided to borrow, but bring-your-own Basic Energy is highly encouraged. Click here for more information. If this tournament will be your first and only sanctioned, non-Premier Event you attend for the month of November, you will earn one (1) Play! Point!

This tournament will also feature a twist! Stay tuned for more on this as it comes closer to the event.

As ususal, let me know if you have any questions!

Professor Raz



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