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New Announcements from TPCi and WRAPL! 09/25/2012

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Pokémon has gone social!
You can now follow the Pokémon Company’s announcements by “liking” their Facebook page or adding them to your Twitter feed!
To follow them on Facebook, click on facebook.com/Pokemon OR
To follow them on Twitter, click on twitter.com/Pokemon or when already logged into your Twitter account, search their profile name @pokemon. (period not included…)

Introducing League Badge Cases!
These will be given out to all players who have attended League last year and have active Player IDs as explained in this post here. Please complete the requirements stated from this post as you may not be able to order a league badge case if you don’t. League Badge Cases helps all players hold on to the badges they earn throughout the League Cycle and are very nice to display your collection of badges you earn to show off to your friends and family!

To order a League Badge Case, log into your Trainer Club account and under the “My Play! Pokémon” tab, scroll down until you see the Leagues section. Click on the link and select the season and League location (if you attend more than one League) you want your case to be sent. Mr. Dan Brandt from TPCi has provided the following additional information as posted in the OP forums:

  • The Badge Cases being offered as league support are ordered one per player.
  • Because players can attend multiple leagues, they will need to log onto their accounts and select where they would like to pick up their badge case.
  • They will be able to choose between any league that they they have attended in the previous season. (Legend Season in this case)
  • Players who did not get reported as attending a league in the previous season will need to wait until next season to order their Badge Case.
  • Badge Cases that are being sent to a league will go out with the other league materials ordered by the League.
  • When a league orders materials they will also receive Badge Cases flagged for pick up at their location.
  • Leagues will be able to tell by looking at their roster which players have set up a Badge Case delivery for their location.

Please keep this information in mind when placing your order for a League Badge Case. You cannot order a League Badge Case if you haven’t been reported as having attended a League Session during the Legend Season. Each player can only order one (1) League Badge Case.

New League Policy
It has been brought to the attention of Gryphon and myself that a good majority of our players currently do not have their Player IDs linked to their Trainer Club account on pokemon.com. I will re-empahsize that it is imperative that you do this as the amount of prize support on our future league kit orders will be dictated by the amount of players who attend our leagues having actively linked Player IDs. Click on the link under the League Badge Cases section above for instructions on how to complete this requirement.

For the reason stated above, starting on October 22, 2012 (the beginning of the Aspertia City Gym season), Gryphon and I will monitor our league roster for activated Player IDs. If our records show that your Player ID isn’t activated, you can continue to receive stamps on your tracking cards but you WILL NOT receive any promos or badges for any of the seasons in the B2W2 Unova cycle until this happens as it is very unfair to the players with active Player IDs to not get their rewards.

You will need a (new) Player ID if:
1. You possess an old Player ID (issued within the past 3-5 years) which never included an activation code, and your Trainer Club account currently shows that your Player ID is not linked. Since pokemon.com did a new website system revamp about 2 years ago, all the old Player IDs may have been completely purged from the system. You can tell your Player ID is old if your physical ID card doesn’t contain designs that are reminiscent to that of HeartGold/SouldSilver or Black & White.

2. You possess a more recent Player ID card that you have never linked to your Trainer Club account since it was issued and you have misplaced the PIN code that came with your Player ID.

3. You have never been issued a Player ID before.

Please let either Gryphon or myself know that you will need a new Player ID for any of the above reasons the next time you attend League. One of us will have an electronic medium for you to access your Trainer Club account to link your Player ID, especially for the new League members and players, every weekend we have League or a tournament. As another reminder, please activate your Player ID number to your Trainer Club accounts as soon as possible! 

New Tournament Scheduled: Modified-Constructed!
For the month of October, I will be conducting a Modified-Constructed format tournament. It is the standard format recognized at all Premier Events, and this tournament is designed to test your readiness for the upcoming City Championships season. This tournament will be held on Saturday, October 20 with registration from 11:00 A.M. to noon with the tournament starting immedately afterwards. All players will play with a 60-card deck made from their own personal collection of cards using only those from the sets defined here (click on the link). Dragon Vault (not included on that list) will be released on October 5, and all its cards will also be legal for play this tournament. Modified-legal reprints (cards printed in older sets with similar text or meaning) will be acceptable in this tournament provided that if the words do not exactly match their most recent reprinted text that a reference card to the correct ruling is required (i.e. Potion now removes 30 damage instead of 20), or if an errata has been issued by TPCi to a specific card (i.e. Rare Candy).

Registration fee is $5 per player and that money will be pooled to provide prize support for the tournament’s top players (ideally the top one or two players from each age division). Total rounds and top finishers will be determined based on attendance in each division with Top Cut rounds if any division reaches at least eight (8) players in attendance. As this tournament is designed to prepare for future Premier Events, it is only fair to reward players for performing extrememly well in a more competitive type of environment.

In addition to bringing your Player IDs, completed decklists will also be required at this event, and all decks will be checked to make sure your cards exactly match the order on your decklist starting with the first card on your list face-up. While decklists will be available for you to fill out at the tournament, I highly recommend that you (or your child) arrive to the event with one already filled out to make your registration process go a lot quicker. You can print out a decklist to fill out by clicking on the Library tab above and clicking on the BLW to DRX decklist document.

Like the sealed events I’ve conducted in previous months, this tournament will be sanctioned by TPCi, and as such you can receive player penalties for improper game performance and unacceptable behavior that can be reported to TPCi for tracking purposes. Please review the Official Tournament Rules document (also under the Library tab) for answers to your general questions about Pokémon tournament play and feel free to ask me about more specific tournament and card rulings questions before the tournament. Remember that the worst time to learn about what not to do to receive player penalties is after you’ve received them!

As usual, please let me know if you have any questions!

Professor Raz



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