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Professor’s Corner – Techs and Counters 09/19/2012

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Did you win or lose?

I lost…it wasn’t even close. My opponent played to my weakness and I couldn’t do anything about it. Those Terrakions really demolished my Darkrai EXs…

Has the above situation ever happened to you? Did you play with a deck that ran so well in a tournament, but eventually you ended up playing against a deck that had the perfect strategy to combat yours with little or no way to stop it…and lost?

Introducing tech cards; they are generally afterthought cards that work in a deck to counter a strategy that counters your original strategy…if that makes sense.

Techs are basically cards that you include in your deck to ensure that when you’re up against something that targets a particular weakness of your deck (be it type and/or strategy) that the intended tech will keep you in the game (and possibly win) if used properly.

A simple example would be like if you were running a lightning deck you can throw in a water, grass, or psychic Pokémon to counter its weakness to fighting accordingly. Just make sure that you 1) have the appropriate deck space and 2) the appropriate energy to perform the necessary attacks.

An effective tech is one that can be used to benefit or complement, not compromise, the overall consistency with your deck, meaning the tech has to “fit in” rather than “stand out” with your deck. It wouldn’t be prudent to construct a deck designed to counter everything otherwise it’s like building a deck full of techs that have no real strategy to winning games. You are highly encouraged to use a deck with a strategy that suits you best and add techs where they will help keep you in the game and not lose quickly. In some of Gyphon’s deck analyses articles, I will address useful techs as a commentary to show how they work.

I hope this gives you a basic understanding of what techs are!

Professor Raz

Professor Knowledge Difficulty – Advanced



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