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Newsflash! GENESECT download event coming soon!! 09/08/2012

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For those planning on getting a copy of Pokemon Black 2 or White 2, a wifi download event will be available to you just as soon as you can crack open the packaging. Starting October 7th, the day of BW2’s release, you will be able to download a Genesect via Nintendo WFC to your BW2 game. This event will last until November 12th, so even if you’re not one of those planning on camping out in front of the store to pick up your BW2 copy, you’ll still have a little over a month to be able to get one. There’s no word yet on what level Genesect will be; though, while Keldeo was distributed at a low level for the purpose of being used early in the game, it’s likely that Genesect will be received at a high level, so that you’ll need to collect a few gym badges to be able to control it, and therefore won’t be able to breeze through the start of the game with it.

What we do know about Genesect is that it is a Bug/Steel type, that it has 120 as its base stat in Attack and Special Attack (same as Arceus), and that its signature move, Techno Blast, can have its type changed depending on what type of Drive is attached to it. These Drive items are obtained by bringing a Genesect to the P2 Lab, found on Route 17, and showing the pokemon to a scientist found inside. If you’re playing Black or Black 2, you will receive the Shock and Burn Drives; with White/White 2, you will get the Douse and Chill Drives (these are regular items, not key items, so they can be attached to pokemon and traded over into another game, in order to collect all four on one game). In order to get Genesect on Black or White, though, you will need to trade it over, since the download event is exclusive to versions Black 2 and White 2.

This pokemon will also be the star of the 16th Pokemon movie, which has yet to be released in Japan.



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