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2012-2013 League Cycle Early Information 09/05/2012

Posted by raznprince in League News, Pokemon News.

Hey, Trainers!

TPCi official Dan Brandt (a.k.a Biggie on the PokéGym) has announced that in order to take full advantage of the League prizes for this upcoming League Cycle, make sure that your Trainer Club account:
1. Has your Player ID linked to it
2. Is active
3. Shows that you have accepted the Play! Pokémon Terms and Conditions

All the above are very important if you want to keep receiving promos and other great items from this League! Please activate your Player IDs to your Trainer Club account NOW if you haven’t already! (When we or another LO/LL/TO/PTO issued you a Player ID, an activation PIN was included to link your Player ID number to your Trainer Club account. Make sure you have this PIN to input when you go to link up, otherwise you will need a new Player ID!)

I also wanted to add that if you are opted into receiving Play! Pokémon prizes, you may receive additional promos and prizes directly from TPCi if you participate in plenty of Premier Events and Leagues throughout the year!

As of yet, we are currently in offseason meaning that while there are plenty of opportunities to get caught up on missing badges and promos over the next several weeks, you cannot earn Play! Points via League at this time because there is currently no active season for me or Gryphon to report attendance. The new League cycle will begin on October 22, 2012 with the Aspertia City Gym season, which is a little over a week after the Fall Regional Championships. Again, I will re-emphasize that you please complete the requirements explained by Mr. Brandt above before this date.

Gryphon and I will start monitoring attendance and activated Player IDs online starting with the Aspertia City season. If our league reports show that your account is not active and your Player ID not linked, we cannot issue you any league prizes until this happens; the amount of prize support for our future league season kits are based on total active accounts in our League. Also for you players needing Play! Points to meet your eligibility for the National Championships next summer, this is a reminder that you must have attended at least one League session per season in order for you to receive your Play! Point for that season.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Professor Raz



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