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2012-2013 Season Play! Pokémon TCG and VGC Information Announced! 08/31/2012

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Hey, Trainers!

TPCi has released their Play! Pokémon season information for both the TCG and VGC for this year! I will provide a brief summary of the highlights from each section and you can click on the respective links highlighted for the full information.

For all you TCG‘ers:

The Championship Points system has been revamped to allow a minimum requirement for an invitation to the 2013 World Championships in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada! Unlike last year’s system, the amount of Championship Points earned this year are multiplied by a factor of ten (10), and there won’t be a “Top X” system based on Championship Points earned, meaning that if you manage to earn 400 Championship Points by the end of the U.S. National Championships, you will receive an invite to the World Championships without the fear of any players outranking you for a spot! For more information about the Championship Points system, click here.

There will now be three (3) Regional Championship events held this year (Fall, Winter, and Spring) as opposed to the two (2) held last year (Fall and Spring).

Play! Points will again be used this year to ensure players have enough experience in tournaments before becoming eligible for the National Championships. Junior and Senior Division players will have a slight decrease in Play! Points requirement, whereas Master Division players will have a slight increase. More on the exact amounts will be announced later.

As I have previously discussed, there will be no Top Cut (single elimination) matches held at all Battle Road events. However, the incentive for Championship Points will increase depending on attendance numbers at every event.

Since the new tournament season started back in July 2012, all Play! Points and Championship Points earned since then will count towards eligibility to attend the U.S. National Championships and an invitation to the World Championships respectively.

For all you VGC‘ers:

Regional Championships will coincide with the TCG, and participation will net you Play! Points to be applied only to your VCG participation and not towards the TCG.

The GBU Wi-Fi tournaments are making a big splash this year! By participating and doing well in these tournaments, you can earn byes at the Regional Championships to be applied starting at the Winter Regional Championships!

Championship Points are also being awarded in the VGC and are key to determining the Top Four (4) North Americans who will receive invitations to the World Championships. Championship Points earned in the VGC will not count towards the TCG.

To ensure you are being awarded your Play! Points and Championship Points throughout the year, you must have an active Trainer Club account with a Player ID, and that you are opted into Play! Pokémon programs and have accepted all Organized Play Terms of Use.

Please take the time to read on the links provided for more information. Let me know if you have any questions!

Professor Raz



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