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Update on the Last Professor’s Corner Article 08/30/2012

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Hey TCG’ers!

I just recently read on an announcement regarding the recent ruling on Terrakion EX’s (DRX) Pump-up Smash attack. Rules Team guru PokéPop (Michael Martin) has posted on the PokéGym that TPCi R&D team has overruled the current ruling and cited that the hand is considered a “Private Zone” therefore, attaching energy from the hand is optional and will as such be ruled that way for all games. You can read the citation of the recent post by clicking here. Whether the opponent has seen the player’s hand in a previous turn due to a card or attack effect does not matter; the player is not obligated to attach the energy in his/her hand if there are any when attacking.

Perhaps a couple of reasons for this overrule could be of the following:
1. While players must exercise maximum integrity and honesty at all times in with the game, it is impossible for judges to keep track of all plyers who run Terrakion EXs in their decks let alone devote the time to everyone making sure that those who have basic Energy are attaching them when they “should.”
2. Penalty assessments are a nightmare for both players and the judges. The potential for cheating is too great, which makes it cumbersome for the judges to constantly review hands for basic Energy during every attack and spend time writing up penatlies and essentailly slow down the flow of the tournament.

As a result of this new ruling, I have updated the previous post to reflect the new information (click here for the post). Please let me know if you have any questions about this ruling!

Professor Raz



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