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WORLDS!!! 08/09/2012

Posted by Gryphon in Events, Game News, Pokemon News, Pokemon TCG, Pokemon Video Games, TCG News.

This weekend, the World Championships will be held in Waikoloa, Hawaii. This is the ultimate premier event in the championship series. Participants have to earn their eligibility to be invited to this event by competing at several premier events and winning championship points for placing. Those that earn enough points to get an invite are some of the most skilled and knowledgeable Pokemon trainers of our time. Whoever comes out on top in the Worlds tournament will earn the title of the best Pokemon trainer in the world.

This tournament is held once a year, and is typically held in San Diego, California or near Kona, Hawaii, alternating every year (though in years past, it has also been held in Florida). It marks the start of the new season for premier events; all Championship Points (CP) earned from the previous year’s premier tournaments count towards eligibility to compete at Worlds, and thus any CP earned from competing at Worlds contribute toward a player’s CP total in the new year. The tournament takes place over 2-3 days and is celebrated with its own special opening and closing ceremonies. Game Freak staff members show up to take part in the ceremonies, and stick around to talk to players and give autographs (Game director and soundtrack composer Junichi Masuda covers his Worlds attendance on his blog; you can read about his 2011 experience in San Diego here and here, and 2010 in Hawaii here).

While the top players in the world are competing for the champion crown in Hawaii, there are still lots of special things going on for the spectators!

  • A special limited-edition C-Gear skin (for Pokemon Black and White, though it will be compatible for the upcoming Black 2 and White 2 versions as well) will be made available on the Pokemon Global Link site soon (if not today). The password to unlock this skin will be posted on the Worlds site.
  • The final rounds in the tournament will be broadcast in live streaming video on the Worlds site, starting this Sunday afternoon. There will even be live commentary!
  • After Worlds each year, replicas of the winning decks are released for purchase in stores. Each comes with a special booklet that gives information on Worlds, the top competitors and their decks, and includes photos from that year’s event. The cards that come in these decks cannot be used for tournament play (they have special card back designs, and typically have a different color border on the front, as well as the signature of the player who built and used the deck) but they are perfectly fine for casual play, and can be used to practice and earn points at Pokemon League sessions.
  • When Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 are released on October 7th, a promotional download will become available for the Pokemon World Tournament feature of the game. Players will be able to download a special tournament set that includes the top players from the 2012 Worlds tournament, plus the pokemon they used. This will be a great opportunity to find out how the strongest teams work, and to find out the best combinations and strategies to beat them!

Check the Worlds website this weekend for news and updates as the event unfolds!



1. raznprince - 08/09/2012

It marks the start of the new season for premier events; all points earned from the previous year count towards eligibility to compete at Worlds, and thus the points earned from competing at Worlds contribute toward a player’s points in the new year.

I’m a bit confused as to which points you are referring to as there are two different points systems: Play! Points and Championship Points

If I understood correctly though, you may have meant to say that all Championship Points earned from last year count towards qualifying for this year’s Worlds and all Play! Points and Championship Points earned at Worlds this year counts towards the current tournament cycle, which actually started back on July 9.

Gryphon - 08/17/2012

Aack, I forgot to edit this. Fixed now. Thanks!

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