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Dragons Exalted Pre-Release Dates Announced!!! 07/07/2012

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Hey, all you TCG’ers!

Now’s that time again for another TCG explansion set to be added to the upcoming Modified, Tournament-Legal set rotation! The Black and White: Dragons Exalted set will be featuring Pre-Release tournaments in the next few weeks and events in GA are as follows:

July 28 – Lilburn
July 29 – Newnan
August 4 – Canton

For more information, click on any of the above links for that location. We will be updating the Tournaments tab at some point to reflect this information as well. Pre-Releases are a great opportunity to get your hands on new cards before they are released on August 15. Keep in mind that cards from Pre-Released sets are not tournament legal until their release date. I hope to see you come out and get some of these new cards!

Professor Raz



1. zak0 - 07/22/2012

I heard from a friend that we are having a pre-release and I wanted to ask if its true.

raznprince - 07/22/2012

Zach, how did you hear this from a friend? Didn’t I see you at League last Saturday when I made the announcement?

No, we are not having a pre-release in our area. I am not a Premier Tournament Organizer, therefore I am not authorized to host such events. However, we are having a post-release event in which we will run the tournament the same style as a pre-release minus the promotional items you would get at a pre-release. Does this make sense? I will post event information for our local tournament after the first weekend of the pre-releases but in the meantime, mark your calendar for August 25th!

2. zak0 - 07/22/2012

My friend told me about it through text and also I was only there until noon.

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