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Victini wifi event re-released, new BW2 info 06/13/2012

Posted by Gryphon in Game News, Pokemon News, Pokemon Video Games.

If you weren’t able to participate in the Victini download last December, you will be able to use your Black or White version to sign onto Nintendo WFC and download the event Victini until June 26. This is the same Victini that was available last year.

While not yet officially confirmed, a leak in English dub titles for the Pokemon anime has revealed that one of the new cities in Pokemon Black and White 2 will be Virbank City. This is the city where Homika runs her Poison-type gym.

Keldeo has had a new forme officially revealed: the Resolution Forme! An in-game event, where Keldeo is taught to use Secret Sword by the trio of Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion, causes him to change formes.

The trio of Tornadus, Thundrus, and Landorus will also be able to change into their new Incarnation Formes in-game, through use of a special item known as the Reflecting Mirror. The name of this item may change in the English language release.



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