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BW set 6: Dragons Exalted to be released August 15th 05/26/2012

Posted by Gryphon in Pokemon TCG, TCG News.

The English translations for Japanese sets Dragon Blast and Dragon Blade is scheduled for release in the US on August 15th. This set features Dragon pokemon and introduces the Dragon type (the tiny gold icon in the corner of this Rayquaza EX card). EX pokemon in this set also include Mew, Giratina, and Ho-oh. There will also be some new Tool cards, such as the Big Cloak which adds a small HP buffer to your pokemon, and the Rescue Scarf, which acts in a similar manner to the old Rescue Energy. This set also introduces new Special Energy cards called Blend Energy, which act as four different types of energy when in play, yet only provide one type of energy at a time (rather like a downgraded Rainbow Energy, minus the 10 damage). Like previous sets, there will also be some special super-rare shiny reprints of older cards, including Serperior and Krookodile.

You can see a listing of the cards currently in the Dragon Blast and Dragon Blade sets here.



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