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Animated promo for versions Black 2 and White 2… WOW!! 05/15/2012

Posted by Gryphon in Game News, Pokemon Video Games.

EDIT2: No subtitles were made for this version. Sorry about that. Once they’re found elsewhere, a link will be given here.

Just so you know, this has NOTHING to do with the Pokemon anime/cartoon; this is a promo made especially for the video game. (There is a new season coming up for Pokemon: Best Wishes where Ash explores the world and story of BW2, but that’s a whole different thing altogether.) This video features the male protagonist and his rival, Bianca (who is now Professor Juniper’s assistant) and Cheren (now a Normal-type gym leader), Akuroma, a new Electric-type gym leader, the new Team Plasma, and the Shadow Trio. Not to mention N at the start, who apparently returns to play a part in the new story.



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