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Scrapple from the WRAPL – April/May edition 04/25/2012

Posted by Gryphon in Events, Game News, League News, Pokemon News, Pokemon TCG, Pokemon Video Games, TCG News.

First off, this is a reminder for everyone that there will be NO Pokemon League this Saturday (April 28). See you next week on Cinco de Mayo!

There is a whole lot of new Pokemon info coming in at once, so until I can put together articles for everything, here’s a quick rundown:

  • Pokemon game director Junichi Masuda recently went live on the Japanese TV show Pokemon Smash! to reveal new details and features of the upcoming versions Pokemon Black 2 and White 2. Included in the reveal are the new male and female player characters, a new rival character, 2 new gym leaders, and a mysterious fellow named Akuroma (“achroma”, as in seeing things only in shades of black, white, and gray) who is researching pokemon strength. The game starts you out in Hiougi City (not a town!), which is on the southwest corner of Unova. Black 2 and White 2 take place 2 years after the events in Black and White, and for unknown reasons, a large glacier has covered most of Unova. Either adding onto or replacing the diversion of Musicals appears to be Movies, which feature comic-book-style artwork in presentation. The new games are set for a Japanese release on June 23rd, and will see an American release some time this Fall.
  • New trailers and teasers have been released for the upcoming Pokemon movie featuring Kyurem and Keldeo, and feature the Pirouette forme of Meloetta, who appears in the accompanying short.
  • Registration will begin next Wednesday, May 2nd, for the 2012 Spring Friendly, a wifi competition for players of Pokemon Black and White. It will use the same rules as previous wifi competitions. The competition will begin on May 9th.
  • There will be a Darkrai wifi download event starting May 9th, to tie in with the release of the new TCG set, Dark Explorers. More details on this as they come!
  • Speaking of Dark Explorers, the full listing of cards in this set has been released. You can find more info on Bulbapedia.
  • A bit more Pokemon-related news from Japan, which will eventually result in some new American releases: The Japanese 3DS Shop will release two new downloadable titles, Pokemon AR Searcher (a point-and-shoot game using real-world environments which allows you to capture pokemon to send to Black/White 2) and Pokemon National Pokedex Pro (an updated version of Pokedex 3D which contains all pokemon in the National Pokedex, plus the new Kyurem formes). Also Japan will see 2 new TCG joint sets released in July, Freeze Bolt and Cold Flare, featuring Black Kyurem and White Kyurem, respectively.


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