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Professor’s Corner – Play! Points 03/08/2012

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Many of you who are new to the TCG or have been playing for a while may not already know about the change in the Player Rewards system. Starting September 2011, the Pokémon Company has implemented a new system that now involves the use of Play! Points. If you have a Player ID that is registered on your Trainer account on pokemon.com, you can opt into the Play! Points Player Rewards system.

Play! Points replace the previous Player Rewards system and are designed to give rewards to players who frequently attend Pokémon-related events, and to qualify players into high-tier tournaments where knowledge and experience with tournaments is required to participate. The number of Play! Points you earn will determine the quality of rewards you will receive throughout the Tournament Year.

Play! Points are awarded to participating players in the following manner:

  • For Non-Premier Events:
    • Sanctioned, Non-Premier tournaments-1 Play! Point per month (up to 12 points per year).
    • League Season-1 Play! Point per League Season attended (8 seasons = up to 8 points per year). For the WR Area Pokémon League, you must attend at least ONE League Session each season in order to get credit for the entire season. Also, you are not limited to the number of different Leagues you can attend.
  • For Premier Events: (No limit to how many of these events you can attend per year)
    • Pre-Release Tournaments- 1 Play! Point
    • Fall/Spring Battle Roads Tournaments-1 Play! Point
    • City Championships-2 Play! Points
    • State/Provincial/Territorial Championships-3 Play! Points
    • Regional Championships-5 Play! Points
    • National Championships-10 Play! Points
    • World Championships-20 Play! Points

Keep in mind that side events may also be run at the Premier Events with the possibility to earn even more Play! Points. Also, Play! Points can be earned by participating in Video Game Championship series (VCG), however that system runs parallel to the TCG and Play! Points earned in the VGC don’t add to or count towards the Play! Points earned in the TCG.

Play! Points are not to be confused with Championship Points, which are awarded to players ranked among the top of their age divisions at Premier Events starting at the Battle Roads level. The same principle above is true for Championship Points earned in the VGC. Championship Points are designed to determine invitations to compete in the World Championships, and will be explained in a later blog.

In order to compete in the National Championships players must earn 10 Play! Points prior to the event. You can find out how many Play! Points you have earned for the year by logging into your Trainer account and selecting the My Play! Pokémon tab. Your Play! Points earned should appear under “My Stats.”

For more information about Play! Points, click here. As always, please let me know if you have any questions!

Professor Raz

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