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Player IDs and Other Announcements 03/01/2012

Posted by raznprince in League News, Pokemon TCG.

Hey, Trainers!

I have just received a new batch of Player IDs if you are or know someone in need of one. I will not be at league for the next couple of weeks as I will be judging up at the tournaments in Macon and Lilburn for States, but you can get them from me if you will be going to any of these events.

A few things about Player ID’s:

  1. When you are issued a Player ID, it is highly encouraged that you activate your Play! Pokémon Trainer account online on pokemon.com as soon as possible. That way, when you attend Leagues and either Gryphon or I submit the season attendance reports are sent to Pokémon Company, they can send us League Promos and badges for the next season and you will be credited 1 Play! point for that League season if you attended at least one session. The more players in our League with Trainer Accounts activated, the more League materials we’ll get!
  2. In addition to having an active Trainer account, Player IDs are very important for you to bring to League, Premier Events, and Sanctioned Non-Premier tournaments as Play! Points are awarded based on your participation. It is imperative that you bring or at least memorize your Player ID number as TOs/PTOs cannot enter you into these events and subsequently award Play! points.
  3. I will reiterate that TOs and PTOs use what’s called the Tournament Operations Managment (TOM) software on their computers to run their events. The TOM is only a program and isn’t a large database that holds every Player ID number of all players in the TCG. No two TOM softwares are alike, so please don’t assume that your Player ID number can be found in another TO’s/PTO’s TOM if yours is in mine. When in doubt, bring your Player ID to all events you attend!
  4. If your Trainer account is active, you can easily access your Player ID number anytime by logging in. Unless it can’t be helped due to theft, damage, loss, etc., please refrain from having to get a new Player ID number; getting issued two Player IDs may cause the Pokémon Company to lock out your Trainer account if they learn that you are playing under more than one Player ID number, and you may be required to provide an explanation as to why this is so. To avoid this inconvenience, please activate your Trainer account as soon as you are issued a Player ID!

Other announcements and info:

  1. The GA State Championships is a Tier 2 Premier Event. This means that this is an event in which players are expected to have decent knowledge of tournament rules. Player penalties tend to be a little more severe compared to Tier 1 Premier Events, but please don’t let this discourage you from participating if you would like to attend. I would be more than happy to answer your questions about tournament rules. All Premier Events at the State/Provincial/Territorial, Regional, National, and Worlds levels are Tier 2 events.
  2. All players attending S/P/T Championships are awarded 3 Play! points. You are more than welcome to attend S/P/T Championships in other states if you are a traveling player or will happen to be in a particular state in the next few weekends. If you are interested, click here.
  3. Gryphon will be attending the Macon Tournament this weekend. Mike, the store owner for Heroes and Villains, will run league at the normal league time if you choose not to attend the tournament. Gryphon or I will let you know if this changes.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions of feedback!

Professor Raz



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