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Meloetta, an unnanounced reveal 02/26/2012

Posted by Gryphon in Game News, Pokemon Video Games.

Sharp-eyed fans might have noticed a new pokemon making an appearance on the latest Japanese Keldeo movie poster, down at the bottom with the stars of the Pikachu short preceding the movie premiere. This is #648, Meloetta, the Melody pokemon. She will be making her anime debut in the aforementioned short, titled Meloetta’s Glittering Recital.

Meloetta is a Normal/Psychic type with high Special Attack and Special Defense. Having her in your team while visiting the guitarist in Cafe Sonata, found on Narrow Street in Castelia City, will trigger a special event; the guitarist will allow you to teach Meloetta the move Relic Song. According to the game story, Meloetta forgot this move long ago when the world was darkened by sorrow. When used by Meloetta, Relic Song allows it to change from its Normal/Psychic Aria Forme to a Normal/Fighting Pirouette Forme, which has greater Attack and Speed.

Currently there is no information on when Meloetta will be released, as an event download or otherwise.



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