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Another States Tune-Up Tournament 02/25/2012

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A big thanks to those of you who came out to play in the tournament today, and congratulations to Emily, Katie, and Rowell for placing in the overall Top 3!

If you are opted into Play! Points on your Trainer account and participated in today’s tournament, you have earned 1 Play! Point for participating in a Sanctioned, Non-Premier Tournament given to players once a month for this type of event. This is especially helpful if you are looking to save up points to spend on cool items or if you are working towards becoming eligible to play at the U.S. National Championships this summer in Indianapolis, IN! I will fully explain the Play! Points system in a future blog.

In case you missed today’s tournament, there will be one more opportunity to test your skills before the GA State Championships in Lilburn on March 10. Next Saturday, there will be another tune-up tournament at Comics Plus up in Macon. Registration starts at 11:00 A.M. Click here for more information. Just to clarify from the link, the registration does not end at 4:00 P.M. but rather, this is the general timeframe around when the tournament will end.

The Comics Plus League Owner will be the TO, so I will be judging up in this venue to ensure at least one familiar face from our League for those of you who may need any help. I do not know if the LO will be giving out any prizes to the winners, so you may contact him from the tournament link above if incentive for participation is a concern for you.

As before, the following information applies for this tournament:
1. Constructed-Modified Format – Click on the link to the left in case you forgot which sets are legal for this tournament.

2. Decklists will be required to participate. I will be checking decks during registration, and decklists will be provided if you arrive without a pre-filled one. Check Gryphon’s post for a link to SteveP’s decklist generator if you wish to fill one out and bring to the tournament. This will tremendously speed up your registration if you do.

3. Player IDs will be issued by the LO there only if you have never been issued one. At this time, I still cannot provide Player IDs since they are currently on order. Please bring or at least memorize your Player ID number or you will not participate in the tournament without it. Unless you have ever played in any of his tournaments, the LO cannot issue new Player IDs to existing members who don’t bring theirs to the tournament. The completed tournament results TOs send to PCI may tip them off that you are illegally using multiple Player ID numbers and can cause them to lock out your Trainer accounts. Also, please don’t assume that your Player ID infomation can be found on every TO’s Tournament Operations Manager (TOM) system…just because your information may be in my TOM may not be in any other TO’s!

To my knowledge, Gryphon will be available next weekend to run League if you are not intrested in or won’t be able to head up to Macon, but either she or I will let you know if this changes.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions. Hope to see you up in Macon next weekend!

Professor Raz



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