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States Tune-Up Addendum 02/21/2012

Posted by raznprince in Events, League News, Pokemon TCG.

Just to add to or re-emphasize what Gryphon posted:

Decklists will be provided and will be checked, however, you are more than welcome to arrive to the event with an completely-filled decklist; this will speed up your registration process tremendously. Please remember to organize your cards face-up in the exact order listed on your decklist. If you are not sure what the sets and abbreviations are for your cards, you can consult my post on the Modified rotation, and make sure your deck is built from cards using those sets.

If your deck contains old cards that are Modified-Legal, make sure that you have a reference card if it’s required. The cards you use must be understood to have the same effect as that of the most recent re-printing. If you’re not sure if a reference may be required, consult the Modified-Legal Re-print list link provided in Gyphon’s post. All types of Basic Energy, no matter which sets they were printed from, are always Modified-Legal.

Please bring or at least memorize your Player ID number as I cannot enter you in the tournament without it. At this time, Gryphon and I cannot issue new player IDs since we currently don’t have them stocked. I have placed an order for a new booklet of IDs and hope to have it in a few weeks. If you are bringing a completely-filled decklist, you can also write your Player ID number on your decklist since it is required anyway.

As Gryphon stated, registration runs from noon to 12:30 P.M. on Saturday. If you haven’t gotten your deck checked and are not in the registration line, or if you haven’t corrected your decklist deficiencies after your first deck check by 12:30, you will be registered with a First Round loss, so I cannot emphasize enough that you must arrive to the event and fully prepared on time so we can start the tournament on time.

Also, please bring your own damage counters, special condition counters (poison/burn), and randomizers as needed; spare tournament materials loaned by the League are scarce. Acceptable randomizers are Pokemon-printed coins and translucent dice with rounded edges. Dice that don’t meet the above criteria are acceptable as damage counters instead.

If you come to the event and do not wish to participate, you are welcome to play League at or nearby the Parents’ Tables and you will be issued your League tracking card as usual, however, you are discouraged from interfering with the tournament or spectating tournament games at close range. League prizes will be given upon your leaving for the day.

Please let myself or Gryphon know if you have any questions. I hope to see you out there this Saturday!

Professor Raz



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