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States Tune-Up: What to Expect 02/20/2012

Posted by Gryphon in Events, League News.

Hello, and Happy Mardi Gras! Gryphon (Heather) here to let you know what’s going to happen this Saturday.

We will be holding a Constructed Modified tournament. As you have already seen in earlier articles about tournament styles, this means that participants will be using decks which they built themselves from their own personal collections, and that the only cards they can use in these decks are cards which were released or printed in a certain set, plus any sets released after that set. This post by Professor Raz details everything about the Modified format, as well as the current Modified rotation with set symbols. Speaking of Modified-legal cards, there is also a list of Modified-legal reprints; this involves cards from older sets that were reprinted in more recent sets and can therefore be used in decks alongside their newer versions, provided that the player has a reference on-hand of the most recent reprint to show how the card should now be played (ex. Revive, which had you place damage counters on the revived pokemon in the amount of half of its HP in its first print). It also bears mentioning that all promo cards obtained in the 2011 McDonald’s promotion are tournament legal.

This tournament will be sanctioned. That means that the results will be sent to Pokemon Organized Play, and your participation will be noted and recorded in your personal tournament ranking on the Pokemon website. This is why it is required that all participants bring their Play! Pokemon ID cards. We are currently unable to issue new ID cards. If you have lost your card, you may still find your ID number by checking your Pokemon.com account, as long as you have registered your player ID with your account.

As per official tournament rules, deck checks will be made during registration at this tournament.  This means that all players who wish to participate must fill out a decklist. A decklist is simply a catalog of all the cards in your deck; their names, which sets they are from, and how many of each type of card is in the deck. Players should also make sure to stack the cards in their deck face-up in the order in which they are listed in the decklist, to ensure a quick check (don’t worry, you still have to shuffle your deck when you get ready to start the first round). There is a printable decklist template provided by the Pokemon website, which you can download here. It is important that your decklist is legible (readable), so try writing out your deck contents on a piece of notebook paper first, then copy what you’re written onto the printed decklist. Alternatively, there is a decklist generator program written by SteveP which you can access here. This allows you to see the type of card you’ve typed in, so you can choose the one from the appropriate set and skip over having to enter that information yourself. It also automatically determines your age division by the date you enter for your birthdate. You can even print up your finished decklist from this template by following the special instructions it gives you.

Registration for this event begins at 12:00 noon, one hour earlier than League start time, and will end at 12:30. Make sure you arrive on time to get yourself registered and your deck checked!

A few more important things to remember:

  •  Cards from the World Championships decks are NOT tournament legal; this is mainly because they have different back designs than normal Pokemon cards. Any cards that are autographed, or have “NOT TOURNAMENT LEGAL” printed anywhere on the card, are also not legal for use in tournaments. Remember that counterfeit cards and homemade proxies are also illegal. If the need for a proxy arises during the course of the tournament, a Judge will create one and assign it to you.
  • If you are using sleeves for your deck, all of the sleeves must be exactly the same. The sleeve backs must also have a margin or border of a solid color around the edge; in other words, any artwork on the sleeve back must not extend to the edge of the sleeve. Solid-color sleeves or official Pokemon sleeves are perfectly legal for tournaments.
  • If you are bringing food or drink into the tournament area (which is allowed), make sure you do not place any food or drink inside the playing field. Since the deck/discard pile and the prizes mark the side boundaries of the playing field, be sure to keep your food/drink outside of that boundary. Remember that the playing field must be kept clean, tidy, and dry!
  • A separate “lounge area” will be designated for players who have completed their matches are are awaiting the end of a round. Remember that you may not watch other players’ matches while you are still a participant in the tournament.

That’s all for now! If you have any more questions regarding the upcoming tournament, feel free to leave a comment on this post.




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