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It’s February! 02/01/2012

Posted by Gryphon in Events, Game News, Pokemon TCG, Pokemon Video Games, TCG News.

There are a lot of Pokemon-related things scheduled to happen this month, so I figured a monthly news brief would be appropriate.

February 1st – Arceus download @ Pokemon Global Link
Soon, Pokemon Trainer Club members with access to the Dream World will be able to download an Arceus. This pokemon is the winner of a contest which ran last year, where Global Link users voted on which pokemon they would like to befriend in the Dream World. Arceus does not have a hidden ability, and so this one will have its signature ability of Multitype. The password to unlock this download in the Promotions page at the Global Link is ARCEUSVOTE.

February 8th – Next Destinies becomes street legal
On this day, cards from the newest TCG set Next Destinies will be made available for purchase in stores, and thus will become legal for tournament play.

February 12th – Mewtwo download @ Nintendo WFC
For English-language games, a special download of the pokemon Mewtwo is scheduled to begin on this day. This Mewtwo comes with the special moves Electro Ball, Shadow Ball, and Aura Sphere, as well as its new signature move Psystrike. It will also come holding a King’s Rock. This download can only be accessed through Mystery Gift in Pokemon Black and White versions.

February 15th – CoroCoro releases new Kyurem movie info
CoroCoro, a Japanese magazine that releases new Pokemon information, is scheduled to put out a new issue on this day, with news regarding the upcoming movie Kyurem and the Sacred Swordsmen. Though not confirmed, it is speculated among fans that the news will include a reveal of the legendary pokemon Keldeo, the 4th member of the “Musketeer Trio” which consists of Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion.

February 18th – Black and White: Rival Destinies premieres
The next season of the Pokemon anime will premiere on this day, kicking off with the appearance of Nimbasa City’s gym leader, Elesa.

February 27th – PokePark 2: Wonders Beyond release
The sequel to the PokePark video game will be released on this day for Nintendo Wii.



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