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Meloetta, an unnanounced reveal 02/26/2012

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Sharp-eyed fans might have noticed a new pokemon making an appearance on the latest Japanese Keldeo movie poster, down at the bottom with the stars of the Pikachu short preceding the movie premiere. This is #648, Meloetta, the Melody pokemon. She will be making her anime debut in the aforementioned short, titled Meloetta’s Glittering Recital.

Meloetta is a Normal/Psychic type with high Special Attack and Special Defense. Having her in your team while visiting the guitarist in Cafe Sonata, found on Narrow Street in Castelia City, will trigger a special event; the guitarist will allow you to teach Meloetta the move Relic Song. According to the game story, Meloetta forgot this move long ago when the world was darkened by sorrow. When used by Meloetta, Relic Song allows it to change from its Normal/Psychic Aria Forme to a Normal/Fighting Pirouette Forme, which has greater Attack and Speed.

Currently there is no information on when Meloetta will be released, as an event download or otherwise.

Just Revealed: Pokemon Black and White versions 2! 02/25/2012

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UPDATE: Nintendo of America has confirmed an Autumn 2012 release for the US.

I know what you’re thinking. “It’s more than a month early for April Fool’s, isn’t it?” However, this break was made just a few hours ago, on the Japanese program Pokemon Smash! with the Pokemon director himself, Junichi Masuda, stepping on the set to deliver the news.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2. What are those strange-looking mascots? They happen to be new formes of the Boundary pokemon, Kyurem. Masuda refers to them as Black Kyurem and White Kyurem. These formes are also set to appear in the upcoming Keldeo movie, mentioned in this article.

Not much else is known about them, except that they appear to be based on Zekrom and Reshiram, who together are mentioned in Unova legend as once having been a single pokemon. It is currently unknown as to why Kyurem appears to have combined with them, instead of the two being combined together in their original state. More information will be released soon for certain, as the games are scheduled for a Japan release in June of this year. These games will be playable on the Nintendo DS, as well as in 2D on the 3DS.

Another States Tune-Up Tournament 02/25/2012

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A big thanks to those of you who came out to play in the tournament today, and congratulations to Emily, Katie, and Rowell for placing in the overall Top 3!

If you are opted into Play! Points on your Trainer account and participated in today’s tournament, you have earned 1 Play! Point for participating in a Sanctioned, Non-Premier Tournament given to players once a month for this type of event. This is especially helpful if you are looking to save up points to spend on cool items or if you are working towards becoming eligible to play at the U.S. National Championships this summer in Indianapolis, IN! I will fully explain the Play! Points system in a future blog.

In case you missed today’s tournament, there will be one more opportunity to test your skills before the GA State Championships in Lilburn on March 10. Next Saturday, there will be another tune-up tournament at Comics Plus up in Macon. Registration starts at 11:00 A.M. Click here for more information. Just to clarify from the link, the registration does not end at 4:00 P.M. but rather, this is the general timeframe around when the tournament will end.

The Comics Plus League Owner will be the TO, so I will be judging up in this venue to ensure at least one familiar face from our League for those of you who may need any help. I do not know if the LO will be giving out any prizes to the winners, so you may contact him from the tournament link above if incentive for participation is a concern for you.

As before, the following information applies for this tournament:
1. Constructed-Modified Format – Click on the link to the left in case you forgot which sets are legal for this tournament.

2. Decklists will be required to participate. I will be checking decks during registration, and decklists will be provided if you arrive without a pre-filled one. Check Gryphon’s post for a link to SteveP’s decklist generator if you wish to fill one out and bring to the tournament. This will tremendously speed up your registration if you do.

3. Player IDs will be issued by the LO there only if you have never been issued one. At this time, I still cannot provide Player IDs since they are currently on order. Please bring or at least memorize your Player ID number or you will not participate in the tournament without it. Unless you have ever played in any of his tournaments, the LO cannot issue new Player IDs to existing members who don’t bring theirs to the tournament. The completed tournament results TOs send to PCI may tip them off that you are illegally using multiple Player ID numbers and can cause them to lock out your Trainer accounts. Also, please don’t assume that your Player ID infomation can be found on every TO’s Tournament Operations Manager (TOM) system…just because your information may be in my TOM may not be in any other TO’s!

To my knowledge, Gryphon will be available next weekend to run League if you are not intrested in or won’t be able to head up to Macon, but either she or I will let you know if this changes.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions. Hope to see you up in Macon next weekend!

Professor Raz

States Tune-Up Addendum 02/21/2012

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Just to add to or re-emphasize what Gryphon posted:

Decklists will be provided and will be checked, however, you are more than welcome to arrive to the event with an completely-filled decklist; this will speed up your registration process tremendously. Please remember to organize your cards face-up in the exact order listed on your decklist. If you are not sure what the sets and abbreviations are for your cards, you can consult my post on the Modified rotation, and make sure your deck is built from cards using those sets.

If your deck contains old cards that are Modified-Legal, make sure that you have a reference card if it’s required. The cards you use must be understood to have the same effect as that of the most recent re-printing. If you’re not sure if a reference may be required, consult the Modified-Legal Re-print list link provided in Gyphon’s post. All types of Basic Energy, no matter which sets they were printed from, are always Modified-Legal.

Please bring or at least memorize your Player ID number as I cannot enter you in the tournament without it. At this time, Gryphon and I cannot issue new player IDs since we currently don’t have them stocked. I have placed an order for a new booklet of IDs and hope to have it in a few weeks. If you are bringing a completely-filled decklist, you can also write your Player ID number on your decklist since it is required anyway.

As Gryphon stated, registration runs from noon to 12:30 P.M. on Saturday. If you haven’t gotten your deck checked and are not in the registration line, or if you haven’t corrected your decklist deficiencies after your first deck check by 12:30, you will be registered with a First Round loss, so I cannot emphasize enough that you must arrive to the event and fully prepared on time so we can start the tournament on time.

Also, please bring your own damage counters, special condition counters (poison/burn), and randomizers as needed; spare tournament materials loaned by the League are scarce. Acceptable randomizers are Pokemon-printed coins and translucent dice with rounded edges. Dice that don’t meet the above criteria are acceptable as damage counters instead.

If you come to the event and do not wish to participate, you are welcome to play League at or nearby the Parents’ Tables and you will be issued your League tracking card as usual, however, you are discouraged from interfering with the tournament or spectating tournament games at close range. League prizes will be given upon your leaving for the day.

Please let myself or Gryphon know if you have any questions. I hope to see you out there this Saturday!

Professor Raz

States Tune-Up: What to Expect 02/20/2012

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Hello, and Happy Mardi Gras! Gryphon (Heather) here to let you know what’s going to happen this Saturday.

We will be holding a Constructed Modified tournament. As you have already seen in earlier articles about tournament styles, this means that participants will be using decks which they built themselves from their own personal collections, and that the only cards they can use in these decks are cards which were released or printed in a certain set, plus any sets released after that set. This post by Professor Raz details everything about the Modified format, as well as the current Modified rotation with set symbols. Speaking of Modified-legal cards, there is also a list of Modified-legal reprints; this involves cards from older sets that were reprinted in more recent sets and can therefore be used in decks alongside their newer versions, provided that the player has a reference on-hand of the most recent reprint to show how the card should now be played (ex. Revive, which had you place damage counters on the revived pokemon in the amount of half of its HP in its first print). It also bears mentioning that all promo cards obtained in the 2011 McDonald’s promotion are tournament legal.

This tournament will be sanctioned. That means that the results will be sent to Pokemon Organized Play, and your participation will be noted and recorded in your personal tournament ranking on the Pokemon website. This is why it is required that all participants bring their Play! Pokemon ID cards. We are currently unable to issue new ID cards. If you have lost your card, you may still find your ID number by checking your Pokemon.com account, as long as you have registered your player ID with your account.

As per official tournament rules, deck checks will be made during registration at this tournament.  This means that all players who wish to participate must fill out a decklist. A decklist is simply a catalog of all the cards in your deck; their names, which sets they are from, and how many of each type of card is in the deck. Players should also make sure to stack the cards in their deck face-up in the order in which they are listed in the decklist, to ensure a quick check (don’t worry, you still have to shuffle your deck when you get ready to start the first round). There is a printable decklist template provided by the Pokemon website, which you can download here. It is important that your decklist is legible (readable), so try writing out your deck contents on a piece of notebook paper first, then copy what you’re written onto the printed decklist. Alternatively, there is a decklist generator program written by SteveP which you can access here. This allows you to see the type of card you’ve typed in, so you can choose the one from the appropriate set and skip over having to enter that information yourself. It also automatically determines your age division by the date you enter for your birthdate. You can even print up your finished decklist from this template by following the special instructions it gives you.

Registration for this event begins at 12:00 noon, one hour earlier than League start time, and will end at 12:30. Make sure you arrive on time to get yourself registered and your deck checked!

A few more important things to remember:

  •  Cards from the World Championships decks are NOT tournament legal; this is mainly because they have different back designs than normal Pokemon cards. Any cards that are autographed, or have “NOT TOURNAMENT LEGAL” printed anywhere on the card, are also not legal for use in tournaments. Remember that counterfeit cards and homemade proxies are also illegal. If the need for a proxy arises during the course of the tournament, a Judge will create one and assign it to you.
  • If you are using sleeves for your deck, all of the sleeves must be exactly the same. The sleeve backs must also have a margin or border of a solid color around the edge; in other words, any artwork on the sleeve back must not extend to the edge of the sleeve. Solid-color sleeves or official Pokemon sleeves are perfectly legal for tournaments.
  • If you are bringing food or drink into the tournament area (which is allowed), make sure you do not place any food or drink inside the playing field. Since the deck/discard pile and the prizes mark the side boundaries of the playing field, be sure to keep your food/drink outside of that boundary. Remember that the playing field must be kept clean, tidy, and dry!
  • A separate “lounge area” will be designated for players who have completed their matches are are awaiting the end of a round. Remember that you may not watch other players’ matches while you are still a participant in the tournament.

That’s all for now! If you have any more questions regarding the upcoming tournament, feel free to leave a comment on this post.


Professor’s Corner Archives 02/19/2012

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Hey, folks!

If you need to review any of the information I presented in my first several Professor’s Corner blogs, I have conveniently created this post with quick links:

As always, let me know if you have any questions or feedback!

Professor Raz

Professor’s Corner – The Modified-Constructed Format and Tournament-Legal Sets (2011-2012) 02/19/2012

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The Modified Constructed Format consists of expansion sets in the TCG that are legal for tournament play and using a 60-card deck built from your own personal collection of cards consistent with theses sets. As the deck size implies, games are played to six Prize Cards. As a standard, decks cannot contain more than four copies of any single card with the exception of Basic Energy and any cards that specify otherwise. Time format is 30 minutes “Plus 3.”

Every year, following the World Championships tournament (usually by September), the Pokémon Company releases a new Modified rotation of sets by phasing out older sets as the newer sets are released. This is to ensure that the metagame stays fresh and to encourage players to come up with new ideas and strategies that will allow a balance to the game and prevent certain cards and card combinations from becoming too powerful as to negatively affect the overall spirit of the game.

The current Modified rotation for this tournament year is as follows:

  • Heart Gold-Soul Silver (HS)
  • HS Unleashed (UL)
  • HS Undaunted (UD)
  • HS Triumphant (TM)
  • Call of Legends (CL)
  • Black and White (BLW)
  • Black and White: Emerging Powers (EPO)
  • Black and White: Noble Victories (NVI)
  • Black and White: Next Destinies (NXD)
  • Black and White: Dark Explorers (DEX)
  • Black Star Promos (HGSS01 and higher and BW01 and higher)
  • Black and White McDonald’s promos (MCD)
  • HGSS and Black and White Trainer Kits (TK)

Newer sets that are released after this point are also tournament legal. Cards obtained from Pre-Releases are NOT Modified, tournament legal until their actual scheduled release date. Please note that this post is subject to updates as the newer sets are released.

When filling out a decklist, use the symbols above to identify the sets your cards came from and the card number (both found at the bottom right corner of each card) and list the corresponding abbreviations (written in parentheses) in your decklist.

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback!

Professor Raz

Professor Knowlede Difficulty – Basic

A Few Site Updates 02/19/2012

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Good afternoon, trainers! A few changes have been made to the site to make it a bit more organized:

A separate page has been created for polls (reachable by the Polls tab up top, or by clicking here). When a new poll is added, an announcement will be made on the blog.

The information from the former This Season page has been moved to the top of the About page. This will be updated as soon as the rest of the Bolt Season materials arrive.

The Local page has been updated with information on the States Tune-Up tournament being held next Saturday. More information on this tournament will be posted shortly, so stay tuned!


General State Championships Information 02/18/2012

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The following link contains general information for what the State/Province/Territory Championships are about. You should expect this kind of things happening when you go play tournaments at this level. http://www.pokemon.com/us/play-pokemon/championship-series/tcg-stateprovinceterritory-championships/

Please let me know if you have any questions. Specific information for GA States can be found by clicking on the Tournaments tab above.

Professor Raz


2012 International Challenge coming soon! 02/13/2012

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Another exciting event is on the way in the Global Battle Union! Take part in the 2012 International Challenge, a tournament open to Pokémon Trainers around the world. Following last year’s successful Autumn Friendly Tournament, the 2012 International Challenge will give Trainers a chance to demonstrate their awesome battling skills in Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version. With the additional participation of Japanese and Korean competitors, the 2012 International Challenge will truly be a global event! Click here to read the rest of this article at Pokemon.com.