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Professor’s Corner – Pitfall Conventions: Damage Calculation 01/19/2012

Posted by raznprince in Ask a Professor, Pokemon TCG, TCG Strategy.

The following tips will clarify the situations regarding damage and damage calculation:

  1. An attack that does damage is one that:
    1. Has a number associated with the attack, clearly and commonly found to the right of the attack’s name.
    2. Does not have a number associated with the attack but the supporting text of the attack specifies that the attack does damage. Do not think of this as “effect damage” as there is really no such thing.
  2. Attacks that do damage shall factor in weakness, resistance, all damage-increasing/decreasing effects, and all effects induced as a result of damage from an attack unless specified otherwise.
  3. Attacks or effects that specify placing damage counters on Pokémon are also legal but do not incur the effects stemming from damage done by attacks. Specific examples:
    1. Confusion self-damage doesn’t apply weakness or resistance because you are placing 3 damage counters on your confused Pokémon when confusion check fails.
    2. The effects of PlusPower, Defender (Pre-BLW-on format), Eviolite, Black Belt (Pre-BLW-on format), Special Darkness (Pre-BLW-on format) and Special Metal Energy (Pre-BLW-on format), etc. does not increase/decrease damage counter placement.
    3. The effect of Rescue Energy (Pre-BLW-on format) cannot be applied to the attached Pokémon that was Knocked Out due to damage counter placement.
  4. An attack that fails with an effect that could raise damage does nothing because there isn’t damage to increase. Specific examples:
    1. An attack that fails when tails is flipped and a PlusPower was applied prior to the attack.
    2. The above is also true for a Darkness Pokémon with a Special Darkness Energy (Pre-BLW-on format) or Dark Claw attached.

I hope this clears up a little bit of concern on damage. I understand that the transcription from Word to the blog has changed up my bullet formats. Besides that, please let me know if you have any feedback!

Professor Raz

Professor Knowledge Difficulty: Basic



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