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Professor’s Corner – The Limited-Booster Draft Format 01/17/2012

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Sometimes the Pre-Releases you go to also offer Booster Draft tournaments. This is also an opportunity to get even more cards for your collection or deck, but not all PTOs hold Booster Drafts. It usually depends on the remaining prize support the PTO has on hand for him/her to determine if a Booster Draft can be conducted. However, like the Sealed Deck tournaments, the Booster Draft also comes at a price to purchase the booster packs. Booster Drafts can also be held by TO’s for any other occasion other than Pre-Releases.

Building from the knowledge of the Limited Format from my previous post, the Booster Draft employs slightly different rules compared to the Sealed Deck:

  1. You and a group of people (a pod) are seated at a table, and all of you receive your packs. The number of pods is determined by the number of participants in the Booster Draft.
  2. At the TO/PTO/Judge’s signal, you open one of your booster packs. You choose a card from the pack, and put it face-down in a pile in front of you. Place the remaining stack of cards face down.
  3. At the TO/PTO/Judge’s signal you pass your cards to the player on either the left or right of (or in certain seating cases, across from) you as chosen by the TO/PTO/Judge. You will pass your stacks of cards in this one direction until all the cards have been taken.
  4. Pick up the pile that was passed to you by the player next to you, choose one card, and put it face-down in your pile. Pass the cards in the same manner as above until all cards have been taken.
  5. When all the cards have been taken, you have about 20 seconds to look at your pile of drafted cards to get an idea of how you will build your 40-card deck.
  6. Repeat Steps 2 thru 5, passing your piles in the opposite direction. You will alternate directions for each booster pack opened until all booster packs have been opened.
  7. Proceed to build your 40-card deck!

Booster Drafts are fun because you are essentially building your deck on the fly and at the same time trying to figure out what you are going to need for your collection. However, it is rather essential to balance playing and collecting in this tournament as how well you do in the tournament could earn you even more booster packs! Booster Drafts aren’t as commonly run as the Sealed Deck tournaments, but when TO/PTO’s do hold them, they can be pretty exciting!

Questions, comments, or constructive feedback? Let me know!

Professor Raz

Professor Knowledge Difficulty – Intermediate



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