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Professor’s Corner – Pre-Release Tournaments and the Limited-Sealed Deck Format 01/16/2012

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Hey, all!

A big thanks to Gryphon for posting very useful information about Pokémon Pre-Releases, especially dates for the upcoming one for Next Destinies!

Did you know that Pre-Release events commonly follow what’s called the Limited-Sealed Deck format? If not, then please allow me to break it down for you:

A Limited tournament consists of the following general guidelines:

  1. The Tournament Organizer (TO) or Premier Tournament Organizer (PTO) provides all the cards needed for players to participate in this type of tournament. In the case of the Pre-Releases, this includes enough booster packs of the new set to support the number of players participating as well as Basic Energy to play with cards. Bringing your own Basic Energy for these events may or may not be desired, but it’s not required.
  2. You have 30 minutes construct a 40-card deck upon receiving all your packs and opening them. This includes all the Basic Energy you borrow for the tournament.
  3. In a Limited Tournament, the rule of 4 is suspended. In other words, you are allowed to use more than 4 copies of any one card in your deck in this format.
  4. During a Limited Tournament, rounds are played to 4 prizes and each round lasts for 20 minutes plus a 3-turn overtime rule. You still play all your rounds whether you win or lose the first few rounds. This is called Swiss Rounds and the number of rounds is determined by how many people attend your event. (The Plus-3-Turns rule and Swiss Rounds will be explained in a future blog or an FAQ section.)

I also mentioned Sealed Deck, right? The Sealed Deck sub-format basically means that the TO/PTO simply hands you your packs, you open them, and you build your 40-card deck. Other Limited sub-formats include Booster Draft, Rochester Draft, and Solomon Draft, and will be explained in a future blog.

Well, that’s your quick lesson for the day. Questions, comments, or constructive feedback? Let me know!

Professor Raz

Professor Knowledge Difficulty – Intermediate
(I will post a PKD level at the end of each of my blogs. This applies to prospective and current Pokémon Professors regarding the level of knowledge required to demonstrate proficiency on a Professor Exam or in practical situations while acting as Judges or TOs. For all others, my blogs are simply FYI.)



1. Gryphon - 01/17/2012

These posts are great! I’m certain that those at League attending their first Prerelease tournament will find them very useful and informative, as will everyone else. Thanks for sharing!

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